7 Classic Game Remakes We Want to See in 2021

BY FRANKLIN: When putting together a list of the best remakes and remasters for modern consoles, I started thinking about many of the classic games that also deserve remakes. Some more popular games been re-released on digital platforms or ported with no updates to the original game, but a direct port is not as satiating as a remake. These games deserve to be remade from the ground up, or at the very least have a graphical refresh.

These are 7 classic game remakes that we want to see in 2021.

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Knightofelemia753d ago

Parasite Eve franchise, Chrono Trigger, Dino Crisis, Xenosaga, Wild Arms, Legend of Dragoon, Clock Tower, Brutal Legends, Dead Space, Splatterhouse, would love to see a new Transformers War/Fall of Cybertron game. But I doubt that will happen since Activision pulled an EA and shut down High Moon Studios.