The Adult Gamer Paradox and Me

BY KAVAN MCDAID: As a child, you may remember hearing “I don’t have the money for another game” or “wait until your birthday for another game”. As frustrating as this was to us, we would then think, “when I’m older, I’ll be able to buy as many games as I want when I have a job and my own place”. We go through our teen years, borrowing games, playing on the weekends and getting involved in these amazing gaming communities and online sessions with college friends or university societies, and then it happens.

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isarai47d ago

Yeah being a kid i was WAAAAY into just giving nearly every game a shot, sinking dozens or sometimes hundreds of hours into any given game. Giving them my full attention, and just getting lost in the experience. But as an adult, while i still have that urge, i don't have the time. So know i just want ganes that get into the action ASAP and stay there. I'm weary of open world games where it's 3/4ths just getting to the objective and 1/4th action, rinse and repeat, or intros that take anywhere from 30mins to upwards of an hour. So many of these trend chasing open world games just don't even care to respect your time, gets on my nerves.

KyRo46d ago

I too feel the same way about open world games. As a adult, I'm bored of them where as a kid I would get lost in then for months. Far to many follow the same game design and mission structure. I don't want to waste my time doing the same thing for hundreds of hours that I've already done in other games but with a new setting or POV.

I'm tired of games forcing open worlds at this point.

Kilua46d ago

This is why i literally cannot touch AC valhalla and Odyssey. It's just too much for the sake of being too much.

SyntheticForm46d ago

Valhalla is a chore and Odyssey could be the same, but I did enjoy Odyssey more. That said, the whole game model needs to change to make the games interesting.

They're mostly busywork at this point.

Unknown_Gamer579445d ago (Edited 45d ago )

That's literally Assassin's Creed games. Open world games in general can oftentimes be full of filler. But, the Assassin's Creed series takes that to a whole other level. If you want a game that can keep you busy for a long time, then go ahead.

Even the completionist in me though, says "screw this", and focuses on the main story and DLC, and anything else mandatory, and maybe one or two other elements that interest me. Everything else, I just ignore because life is too short. Maybe if I had nothing else to play, I'd be more keen on doing absolutely everything in these games. But, I do have other games to play, and I barely have the time for those.

wwinterj46d ago

"So many of these trend chasing open world games just don't even care to respect your time, gets on my nerves."

What others enjoy shouldn't bother you. I personally love longer games. This includes open world games and for sure RPG games. Casual games are not worth the money for me. Spawn, shoot, die, repeat in the matter of minutes isn't my idea of fun. If I can have the time to play Call of Duty for a hour or two a day(I don't) I can play Witcher 3 for a hour or two a day for example.

anast46d ago

"You" can save a game and start where you left off each time. "You" might like a different kind of game now.

As a kid, I played fighting games almost exclusively (Street Fighter, Tekken and Virtua Fighter) and now the thought of competing over a video games makes me roll my eyes, but I see the fun in it, it's just not fun for me anymore.

As an adult, love playing RPGs, CRPGs, ARPGs and open world games. I can get lost in a world for an hour or two and do what I want, according to the parameters of the game, of course.

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ArchangelMike46d ago

Being an adult gamer, the biggest obstacle to playing games is time.As such I have to be alot more selective in the games that I buy. However, I still have a massive backlog to get through.

FinalFantasyFanatic46d ago

I've got so many bloody games and no time to play them, I've just been waiting for sales now and the pile just keeps getting bigger, doesn't help I keep getting stuff with night shift at work as that just wipes me out, so even less time to game.

DragonWarrior1946d ago

This! I look at the year and write down all the games I am going to 100% without a doubt want to buy day 1. Developers have to work hard to sell me on a game. If you avoid gameplay forever or don't show me WHY I need to play this game then chances are I'm going to pass on it. If you throw a celebrity to the face of the marketing while barely showing gameplay then I'm just seeing red flags with the game, for example Cyberpunk. Halo is one that is worrying me. Barely any gameplay, when they do show it then it looks bad, a lot of promises being made by 343i but outside of artstyle it doesn't sound like they are following through with them. 343i is taking Halo down the Bioware hole where they promise the world and completely and horribly underdeliver. It's hard to even be remotely interested in a new Mass Effect when the last good Bioware game was Mass Effect 2 and their games keep getting worse.

JEECE46d ago

Yep. I used to have time to play games but not enough money (or I lacked a means to play certain games, especially PC exclusives). Now I have the money to play games and the means to do so, but lack the time. It's why I always think the Souls games got started a little too late for me. Had Demon's Souls come out a few years earlier, it would have been perfect for me, but as it is now I'm more selective with things that will demand time, even if I know they are good.

Outlawzz46d ago

I know I have no time so I never buy games full price anymore because I know I'm not going to play them much.

My solution to having a huge backlog is to just play w.e I want when I'm in the mood. I don't care about completing games anymore just enjoying the experience.

I'm currently playing about a dozen games at the same time. I'll play dragon quest one day, another I'll play fallen order, and another death stranding. It's beautiful really lol

Unknown_Gamer579445d ago

Pretty much. Well, I actually do like to focus on one or two games at a time, but I can lose that focus pretty easily and move onto another game. I don't fret about having to do absolutely everything in games anymore, and it's something when I'm actually able to complete one. I don't want to be too strict about limiting myself anyways, because I like to go with the flow. It's my time, and I'll spend it doing what makes me happy. If that means setting aside the game I'm currently playing in favour of something else, then so be it.

But yeah, I realized at one point that I was paying full price for the pleasure of playing games right away, and if I'm just going to backlog them anyways, I may as well just wait and get them for less. Yeah, I have a problem, but I also decided to have a life beyond just playing games. So...I've given up on completing my backlog, and now I can just enjoy what games I want to enjoy without feeling like I have to do it to get through my backlog. I'll spend as much or as little time with games as I see fit.

TheRealTedCruz46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I'm only 29, but I already notice how few times I actually finish games.
I get excited for them. I buy them, but I don't typically beat them; whereas my favorite genre of games are RPGs, that sometimes took hundreds of hours to complete.
Gaming was taken over by work and relationships. I miss the simpler times.

manaxknight146d ago

Great article! I find myself playing 8 bit games and 16bit games that I never did when I was younger. I don't even touch current gen games. But hopefully I'll find the time to.

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