Microsoft finally takes Xbox Store localization more seriously

Microsoft isn't always the best at realizing there are countries out there beyond America, which is why these new Xbox Store updates are so important. Microsoft is finally taking localization on the Xbox platform more seriously, now displaying language support in games on a chart.

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franwex45d ago

The articles you guys wrote regarding Microsoft’s global support are really eye opening. I had no idea Microsoft support around the world was THAT abysmal. Specially for arguably the world’s biggest company. It’s almost as if Microsoft is trying not to succeed in countries that are not the US or UK.

notachance45d ago

I'm in south east asia and choosing ps over xbox here is just plain common sense rather than taste.

it's so undersupported if you say xbox is one of the big 3 besides sony and nintendo to common gamer who didnt go to online game news site you'll be laughed at

SirBruce45d ago

With Xbox 360, Xbox support was far better than any other. But, after Xbox One release... it has become a real nightmare and some kind of lottery outside US.

TheColbertinator45d ago

Noticed that Arabic gamers on social media really push for Nintendo, Sony and mobile gaming but rarely for Xbox. Microsoft needs to push for that global market harder than ever.

Unknown_Gamer579445d ago (Edited 45d ago )

MS barely knows how to appeal to Americans, and they're constantly getting bested by their competitors in their home turf. I'm not all that surprised that things like language support haven't been a priority for them.

rlow145d ago

Good thing they are taking steps to address this. If they want to sell Gamepass globally, then they should make it mandatory for all their games.

45d ago
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