GameStop Adds Three New Directors From The Pet Food Industry To Help "Accelerate Transformation"

GameStop is bringing in former members of the Chewy team to help transform its business.

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Knightofelemia47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

There is a difference between video games and dog food this new switch still won't help Gamestop customers have lost confidence in Gamestop it will take a lot to win back that confidence of the customer. From lowball game trades, supposed trade console getting the once over cleaned and reset and all they did was throw it in another box to resell it. Bet the pet owners will be happy get a free bag of pet food when you preorder a new game.

got_dam46d ago

Their treatment of their workers when the pandemic broke out is enough steer me clear of them regardless of any restructuring.

SmokinAces46d ago

Chewy is more than just pet food, pet supplies would have been more accurate regardless the memes will pretty much make themselves here.

SharnOfTheDEAD46d ago

Free Dog/cat collar with every pre order.
Free Gerbil with every console.

Skate-AK46d ago

Can I exchange the gerbil for a hedgehog?

Axecution46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

You can exchange the gerbil for $4.99 toward the hedgehog and if its on the same receipt and you have a an Edge Onyx card you get a 10% trade value boost if you trade 3 or more gerbils. So you can do this if you have a lot of gerbils basically but only this week

FinalFantasyFanatic46d ago

Idk, I get the feeling they'll just drain whatever left of that company, not that there's much left to ruin.

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