FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Soundbar Revealed By Panasonic At CES 2021

This should be a huge hit with fans of the series and those looking to up their audio. Designed in collaboration with SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd., the SoundSlayer enhances the gaming experience for full audio immersion into a player’s favorite games. It provides powerful surround sound with a 2.1 channel, 3-way speaker system with a built-in subwoofer.

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Knightofelemia88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

This would be a nice addition to a collection problem is will it be available in North America Panasonic has pulled a lot of their products from the North American market. I haven't seen a Panasonic tv or blu ray player for sale in Best Buy for years most I see is cameras and cordless phones and batteries.

Garethvk88d ago

I will get you an update by my understanding from the briefing is that it will.

Garethvk88d ago

This is what they just sent me. Yes – the SoundSlayer will be available in NA

88d ago
CrimsonWing6988d ago

This is cool but I wish they’d include where to pre-order it. I’d love to get this, like do I need to go to the Panasonic home page every day to see when it’ll be available?

Garethvk88d ago

They just sent me this reply.

The special edition of the SoundSlayer featuring Final Fantasy artwork will be available in January.

However, the original SoundSlayer is available now and can be purchased on Amazon.

CrimsonWing6988d ago

Will it be available on Amazon or is this something you have to go to the site directly for?

Garethvk88d ago

That is all they would say for now.

CrimsonWing6988d ago

I appreciate the help but I’m looking for the FF14 branded edition.

QSPR88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

This soundbar been available for more than 2 months now. You can get it right now on Amazon here: