9 Things We Want To See In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

Gamespot: "Here's what we're desperate to see added into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel for Nintendo Switch."

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Knightofelemia49d ago

I agree on the playable Zelda but I wouldn't mind if the game had a Zelda side of the story from start to finish and a Link side of the story from start to finish. And both sides either meet up to the same ending or each part has it's own ending. Unless you count the CDI Zelda games she has only had two stand alone games and they were just shit.

Zhipp49d ago

While that may be interesting, it sounds like it would be a ton of work -- especially for an open world like this. Actually, has any game ever even done that outside of TLOU2?

49d ago
bouzebbal49d ago

We want to see true dungeons, not half baked crap with the exact same bosses and even cut scenes

NecrumOddBoy49d ago

1. Story
2. Dungeons
3. Special Items
4. Triforce
5. Boss Fights/Mini Bosses
6. Heart Pieces
7. Non-breakable weapons
8. Magic
9. Progression Puzzles

Am I missing anything that makes a Zelda game and what BOTW lacks?

Neonridr49d ago

I don't even mind breakable weapons, just give us a blacksmith where we can repair stuff. Armor and weapons can have durability, I don't care. But outside of the master sword, I would never use another weapon for fear of losing it.

bouzebbal48d ago

Remove the shrines, combine them into dungeons. Add some teleport and fast travel ideas by village or camp you meet on your way.

SDuck49d ago

Playable Rosaria... Wait, what do you mean this isn't Genshin Impact?

Inverno49d ago

Dark World, Minish, King of Red Lions

Kados49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

All i want is proper dungeons, and ditch the stupid weapon degradation system.

septemberindecember49d ago

I like the weapon degrading system as it stops me from relying on the same weapons throughout the game. But it'd be nice if the durability was much higher.

NovusTerminus49d ago

I am fine with a break system, but I'd like a way to repair. or a Way of the Samurai durability system where if you are cautious with the weapon and don't push it to hard it won't break, then it's a matter of skill.

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