The Callisto Protocol Dev Teases PS5 DualSense Features, Says Next-Gen Graphics 'Look Real'

From PSU: "Striking Distance Studios‘ Glenn Schofield has revealed that the team has some ideas brewing about PS5 DualSense functionality for its upcoming sci-fi horror outing The Callisto Protocol. The game’s not out until 2022, so they still have plenty of time to think about how to utilise the new controller.

As reported by the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Schofield, who worked on the original Dead Space back in 2008 with Visceral Games, made it clear DualSense haptic feedback is definitely something the team has on its mind."

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potatoseal282d ago

Another game that will have the better experience on PS5 thanks to the dualsense features. This game looks amazing too.

DEEHULK88281d ago

"Better experience" is subjective

ScootaKuH281d ago

In what way is it subjective?

The controller is the player's physical link to what's happening on screen so the more feedback you get from that the more immersive the experience. The haptics on the Dualsense can really add depth that can't be achieved with normal rumble so yes a better experience is definitely possible

SullysCigar281d ago

At this stage, it's starting to feel less like PS5 has extra features and more like Xbox has MISSING features.

There's a reason devs and reviewers use phrases like "literal game changer", but there's always going to be a stubborn few that remain in doubt. Try it, then you'll either understand or cheat yourself with denial.

ArchangelMike281d ago

Playing Demon's Souls on PS5 it really is a game changer. For example, when you cast a spell, the way the effect ripples across the Dualsence controller - in time with the sound effect and the animation and graphical payoff on screen - it adds soo much more weight and immersion to the experience.

The "better experiece" does very much depent on how creatively developers impliment the feedbck though.

DEEHULK88281d ago

You can only speak for yourself. I might not like the feature and I have turned it off on some games. So, yes it is your OPINION that it will be a better experience. I can't believe you asked the question "in what way", when we all don't share the same experiences. 🤦🏻‍♂️

StoneyYoshi281d ago

"I might not like the feature and I have turned it off on some games"

What part of the features do you not like if you don't mind me asking?

Im going to assume the triggers and not the actual haptic rumble?

Blade92280d ago

Nobody asked you to be here so the validity of your comment is subjective.

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isarai282d ago

Cannot wait for that first wave of games that truely have a full grasp on next gen. Like Uncharted 4 for PS4, that was the point where i was like "This is what next gen is" and i cannot wait for that first game on PS5 that really blows my mind and makes me say that again.

Neonridr282d ago

until we get a 1st party game that is made from the ground up for the PS5 we won't truly know. I agree though, I can't wait to see a ND game that is built for only the PS5 for example.

masterfox281d ago

Look real ?, gameplay teaser please. :)

Hikoran281d ago

If they have Dead Space in their history then they can just go ahead and take my money now.

SaveFerris281d ago

I may have to wear brown trousers playing this game if the developers make the graphics 'look real'.