Cyberpunk 2077: Here's What Happens To V In Bed After Sleeping

The mystery behind why V in Cyberpunk 2077 sleeps in such a wierd way has been solved, and it was apparently not because of a bug.

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1nsomniac4d ago

...hate to break it to you but that’s how normal people sleep.

Nacho_Z4d ago

It's normal to sleep sideways on and not to use the pillows?

CantThinkOfAUsername4d ago

If you are exhausted you will crash in any position. With or without the pillows.

JustTheFax3d ago

My brother sleeps sideways sometimes

Nacho_Z3d ago


If sleeping sideways became normal for me because I was too tired to get in properly I'd turn the bed round.

calderra3d ago

I'm sorry, normal people sleep with their legs hanging off the side of the bed?

At this point I sincerely believe most of the people saying CP2077 isn't buggy for them have a low ability to process visual information. They literally can't see what's wrong with the picture.

Hint: The character model is supposed to be rotated 90 degrees to fit on the bed.

1nsomniac3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Wtf! Since when did sleeping have a rule book!

Pipe down and calm down dear.

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StoneyYoshi4d ago

This is news worthy? Must be a slow week.

Unknown_Gamer57943d ago

If that statement wasn't so short, I'd suggest saving it somewhere so you can copy and paste it. That's a pair of sentences that will come in handy around here far more often than you might think.

Half13yte3d ago

Now I can finally sleep at night and not worry about this any longer.

BrainSyphoned3d ago

A sleep therapist or just a plain old therapist is needed.

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