PS5 already looks unbeatable

From VG247: "We’re two months from the release of the new consoles, yet it already feels like Sony has won the generation.

For a while I thought this console generation would be different. Sony seemed to be floundering a little, barely saying anything about the PS5 while Microsoft pushed forward the narrative of the Xbox Series X being the most powerful console, Game Pass grew and grew, and huge acquisitions were made. Yet, even after snapping up Skyrim and Fallout dev/publisher Bethesda, now it’s hard to see how PlayStation won’t continue to lead by quite a margin – at least in powerful console space."

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lifeisgamesok199d ago

Playstation has the games with the best graphics, stories and gameplay. They also have a good launch lineup this time around

Yes, PS5 will win this generation handedly

_SilverHawk_199d ago

I knew Sony already won the generation already partly because of how easy it is to buy a xbox series x from scalpers at regular retail price. Ps5s are still being sold for two or three times regular retail price.

RazzerRedux199d ago

Where are XSX consoles available at regular price?

DJStotty199d ago

"how easy it is to buy a xbox series x from scalpers at regular retail price."

You do not seem to understand "scalping"

Silly Mammo199d ago

@DJStotty- You do not seem to understand "supply and demand"

_SilverHawk_199d ago

Look online where scalpers normally like to sell the new consoles. I just bought a xbox series x for regular retail price and was being offered by a lot of scalpers the option to buy at regular price. Its in my profile photo

jjb1981199d ago

You're right about that. I see Xbox Series X brand new on OfferUp for 650 when at launch the same user was selling for 1,000. The PS5s are being sold really quick for anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500. That just shows how much less the demand for the series X. I've even seen used Series X units being sold as used most likely due to buyer's remorse. The only thing I have to look forward to is Halo Infinite but who knows when that will come out.

iplay1up2199d ago

😂🤣😂 no, you can not pick up a Series X easily. I check daily. SOLD OUT!

boing1199d ago

Yeah. You can actually get XSX and XSS normally at retail in my country. It's not in every store but you also don't have to look that hard for it.

343_Guilty_Spark199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Not anymore. Prices have come down significantly. I struggled selling one for $800 and that came with an extra controller, PS+, and a remote.

Darkborn198d ago

Dude the store I work at which sees easily 10k people a day had Xbox series X and S in stock for over a week and everyone just asked about the ps5 everyday. The difference in demand is unreal. I'd get easily 1-200 questions about the ps5 a day and not one even lifted an eyebrow of I mentioned the Xbox which we had signs of everywhere to show we had them.

Sayai jin198d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark, incorrect. The PS5 disc version with no extras averages about $815 on eBay. If a game and/or a controller is adds that prices increases another hundred or two.

@boing1, as I mentioned earlier with someone else. It's all anecdotal. Even my experience is. I have had no problem buying a total of (to date) 9 PS5s, 6 Xbox Series Xs, and 5 Series Ss for myself, family and friends. I just purchased 2 PS5s right after Christmas for a friend in the UK and the other Italy. I brought one in store (Target) and the other from a military store online. The one before that I brought when I was in Germany a week before Christmas. I only have a 1 more PS5 to buy for my cabin, but haven't really even looked for one as it isn't an emergency. It's anecdotal, because I know there are people that surely can't even buy one PS5, nor an Xbox Series X for that matter.

Gaming4Life1981198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Please let me know who is selling a xbox series x for retail price cause i want to buy one. I refuse to pay extra to the scalpers which are still in full force for both consoles. I constantly check but im in arizona maybe you have better luck where you are.

RazzerRedux198d ago


"I struggled selling one for $800 and that came with an extra controller, PS+, and a remote."

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locomorales199d ago

Yeah, but Switch is already beating PS5 sales wise. How something is unbeatable that way?

Nyxus199d ago

The PS5 is sold out everywhere, so we can't see the full picture of PS5 sales yet.

toyzombie199d ago

You really cant compare a cheaper console with different goals and something thats been in the market for a longer period of time.

nowitzki2004199d ago

We are talking new gen. Switch is like PS3 gen tech.

CorndogBurglar198d ago

@toyzombie and nowitzmi2004

Before I say anything, I habe both a PS4 and Switch and love them both. But I've been waiting for this lol.

Any time Switch beat PS4 in sales or set some kind of record, people were on this very site claiming it didn't count because technically Switch was a next gen console. Thats all well and good, but I've also called out that this means Switch will be destroying PS5's sales numbers for a while once the PS5 launches.

But people don't want to hear that.

At the end of the day, the console wars and competition is silly because these companies only care about what systems are on the shelves at any given time, that could cause a customer to potentially buy a different system than theirs. They don't care about generations. They care about selling the most consoles, and as long as there are other choices out there, thats their competition.

stonecold3198d ago

What a system is over 4 years been on the market and it near the end of the road for the switch the 9th generation just came out. Good luck because ps5 will dominate the 9th gen

WelkinCole198d ago

Switch is also not exactly in the same space as those buying xsx or PS5.

Switch has also been around for sometime now and has a much more mature game library and user base since its been around for sometime now.

198d ago
yoshatabi198d ago

You're comparing a console that's been out for awhile to a console that recently just released? Yeah no shit it's beating it in sales. It's also so much cheaper. I would've never guessed

potatoseal198d ago

PS% has sold more World Wide than the Switch has since the PS5 launch... even though the PS5 has had limited stock. PS5 is outselling the Switch, world wide, pretty easily too

DashMad198d ago

lmao launch aligned that's because switch only shiped that much at launch, the switch been sold out for 6 month from launch in the west and 1 year in Japan you can dig old news if you don't believe me they still have lotteries early 2018 in Japan. demand for switch at launch so big that we have BOTW attach rate exced 100% something that unheard off meaning people buying game first but can't get the console. i don't have doubt if switch ship as many as PS5 at launch it will get that number.

RazzerRedux198d ago


"Thats all well and good, but I've also called out that this means Switch will be destroying PS5's sales numbers for a while once the PS5 launches."

Just as PS4 outsold Switch for a while after its launch? So? This is the point you've been waiting to make? lol


"lmao launch aligned that's because switch only shiped that much at launch"

Switch was constrained by manufacturing just as much as PS5 is now. Why does anyone think PS4 outsold Switch and its launch? PS4 had fully flowing pipeline and Switch was just spinning up. The only proper way to compare console sales is aligned dates from launch.

nowitzki2004198d ago (Edited 198d ago )


Has nothing to do with anything. Nintendo removed themselves from the conversation during Wii days. They are their own thing. And Switch is the best handheld Ill give you that.

Nintendo is scared to directly compete with MS and Sony. That is why they release their systems at different times than Sony and Nintendo, that way they have more breathing space to make sales. Nintendo doesnt even get major AAA 3rd party titles lol... Unless they are 5-15 years old.

DarkZane198d ago

@locomorales The PS5 had the biggest console launch in history. If you want to compare, the Switch's launch wasn't even as good as the PS4, which had the biggest console launch in history before the PS5 came along.

The Switch has been out for 3.5 years at this point. I am almost certain that the PS5 will be doing better than the Switch is doing now in 3.5 years.

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notachance199d ago

and since it's got backward compatibility with higher performance I kinda stopped playing my PS4 games backlog because I want to play them on PS5..

haven't continue Tsushima for months because I want that 60fps goodness

Edito198d ago

Are you talking about me? That's exactly what's happening to me... I simple stopped playing Ps4 games on my Ps4, I want to enjoy them on the new system.

anubusgold198d ago

This sounds like a pro trump sound bite lol. Im the greatest, the best of all time, we have the best games lol.

TheProblem198d ago

That must be Microsoft you are talking about.

They constantly say they are the best while delivering nothing at all

“Series X has the greatest launch lineup in Xbox history”

Haha wut?

SullysCigar198d ago

Q: Why do you hear facts and perceive arrogance?
A: Salt.

jznrpg198d ago

But it’s true . That’s the opposite of Trump

anubusgold198d ago

@TheProblem No you sound like conservative news trying to blame the attack on antifa lol.

lifeisgamesok198d ago

It's reality, just compare what the consoles have released and announced thus far and consider how huge the PS brand is already

RazzerRedux198d ago

"@TheProblem No you sound like conservative news trying to blame the attack on antifa lol."

What is with these idiotic political comparisons? You can't find a political forum to rant on or something?

anubusgold197d ago

@RazzerRedux Go find a girlfriend and stop dating a console it doesnt love you.

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TheProblem198d ago

The ps5 is laying the smack down!

What happened to all those foolish analysts that said the series x would lead? How do these guys actually get paid to be analysts?

Golfcoachh198d ago

Just looked on ebay, both have been selling well under 1000.00 dollars, I mean come on, its not that hard to look and see that the low was 699.99 for a series x and the low for a PS5 was 740.00 People are idiots.

Sayai jin198d ago

@Life. Agreed. They have a good line up every generation. I am sure that the PS5 will win this generation on the amount of consoles sold. MS has stated that they are not measuring their success on the mount of consoles sold. Which I believe is bs. Now I do believe that they are trying to be the major brand on multiple devices. Time will tell on if this pans out. Limping out of the gate this gen as far as games, doesn't help and is frankly unacceptable to their diehard fans.

@_SilverHawk_, incorrect. I know the PS5 will beat the Xbox in consoles sales this gen. Attempting to use scalper resale numbers as a tangible measure is not accurate. There are many websites that will show you the low, average, and high price of these console (other devices as well). Even looking up sites like eBay and the like refutes what you are reporting. The PS5 is selling for more by scalpers and the like (ebay avg $830), the Series X is selling for less than the PS5 for sure (ebay avg $715). Now, if you would have said the Series S is selling at almost retail, then you would have been correct.

@jjb1981, "Xbox Series X brand new on OfferUp for 650." That is not retail. Retail is $499. the PS5 is still selling for a higher amount overall, but both not garner the same amount as when they launched. The PS5 was averaging well over $1000 USD on eBay, many were going for $1500 plus, now it is averaging $815.

198d ago
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potatoseal199d ago

Sony are planning on launching more MASSIVE Blockbuster games this year, than they've ever done in the past. They're not resting on their laurels. They're upping the ante and as Playstation gamers, we'll benefit from it. Great times ahead for Playstation fans.

RazzerRedux199d ago

"What I think Sony has done brilliantly is give PS5 owners and potential buyers a clear idea of the year ahead. As a PS5 owner I’m happy with the games I have, and there’s a steady drop of quality-looking titles scheduled over the months ahead. Can Xbox beat PS5? Maybe, but a turnaround of that magnitude in 2021 seems highly unlikely"

That's Sony's simple formula: make great games.

SullysCigar199d ago

Phil: "make...great... ... nope, you've lost me - say it again??"

Nodoze199d ago

Sony is also very importantly focused on their platform (i.e. the PS5). Microsoft is not. They have even stated publicly that they are not in the business of selling boxes. They want you on the dole for monthly services in perpetuity. Don't get me wrong, we have the Series X, and Gamepass, and they are good. They don't hold a candle to quality software produced to take full advantage of the platform though.

MS launched with NO console launch titles. NONE. ZERO. That says all it needs to say. With all of that money they could not even coax a launch title?

Chevalier198d ago

Right? Have $7.5 billion to easily buy Bethesda, but, can't make games available for launch. Seriously how mismanaged are Xbox studios? Its year 20 for Xbox and generation 4.

Elda199d ago

Of course! It's PlayStation!

Sayai jin198d ago

They do it every gen! Sony altered their global plans a little different the start of this gen, but their plans on games are still dialed in. The new recipe will still have the same affect. Great experience and stellar games. Sony will continue to beef up production of the PS5 as they scale down production of the PS4. Good times!

Rainbowcookie199d ago

If Sony don't up their stock it might get closer. It would be interesting if Microsoft can get games out that players want to play to see then, but we know Sony will have the games...