Destruction AllStars PS5 Gameplay Discovered in Share Factory Studio

Only a few seconds, though.

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Jin_Sakai53d ago

Adding this fo free with PS Plus was a good move. Could be the next Rocket League for all we know.

SDuck52d ago

As a Rocket League player since September I don't see how this game would keep me hooked for this long.

masterfox53d ago

24 seconds and this already looks that it will be fun as hell to play.

purple10153d ago

All that action. For FREE. (Wel, included in the yearly £36 psplus)

purple10153d ago

Those 24 seconds were much appreciated.

Looks like my type of pick-up-n'-play

potatoseal53d ago

It does look really fun already from that little clip

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The story is too old to be commented.