Mike Tyson Wants to Make Another Punch-Out

With Mike Tyson’s recently successful exhibition with Roy Jones Jr proving that Iron Mike Tyson still has some power behind those punches, discussion of a Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out 2 (Or a sequel of sorts) is properly on the table. The multi-time heavyweight champion has spoken publicly about making a new Punch-Out game for the Nintendo Switch.

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utopiancat46d ago

They seriously need to make this happen.

Jeriphro45d ago

Agreed. I think it would be good for Tyson too to get some positive light on him. He was in such a bad place for so long, and I feel like now he has transformed in such a strong way both inward and outward. Being the face of a boxing game again seems like a great idea!

Knightofelemia45d ago

Tyson has some light on him I love the Mike Tyson Mysteries cartoon

Sitdown45d ago

I feel like he has had positive light on him for a while now, at least since the first Hangover.

HyperMoused45d ago

He didnt just get a bout of depression, hes a convicted rapist

cooperdnizzle45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Mike Tyson has had good light on him for the past 10 15 years where have you been? He had had hit Broadway shows, a little movie career, some cool shows etc. Mike Tyson will be loved and watched until the day he dies. Been a huge fan since I was 7 years old. He is truly one of America living legends and will be until the day he dies. Same goes for Manny Pacquiao. Boxing always produces global stars that will be loved and adored until they pass. On topic another game would be awesome and would sell like no other! Heck yeah get it Mike!

And to the dude saying he is a convicted Rapist Wrongly convicted rapist! Anybody with half a brain knows that!

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NecrumOddBoy45d ago

Why wasn’t he in the NES Classic version of Punch Out?

DEEBO45d ago

Because of the rape charges.
They put Mr Dream in and removed MT.

bradleejones44d ago

So they didn't have to pay him. It was originally Mike Tyson's Punch out then changed to just Punch Out.
The charges were several years after the game so just was about money.

bradleejones44d ago

PS I'd buy it if it came out and was nice and fun!

Knightofelemia45d ago

I own both copies on the NES I own the SNES and Wii port Punch out is a good franchise.

Jeriphro45d ago

I absolutely love the series! Own all the NES copies and I even have that Club Nintendo exclusive Doc Louis's Punch-Out. ;)

ZeekQuattro45d ago

I'd like that. Make it happen Nintendo.

Inverno45d ago

So long as he doesn't go to EA or Ubi for some spiritual successor. It would be a smart move right now since he's come back into the boxing scene right? Capitalize on the hype, Ninty.

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Outlawzz45d ago

What does mike tyson making a game entail ? Putting his name on the cover.

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The story is too old to be commented.