The Last of Us Has a Rare Cordyceps Easter Egg, Here's How To Trigger It

The Last of Us is out now for close to 7 years but this rare easter egg is not that well-known until someone discovered it on a speedrun recently.

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Sonic-and-Crash120d ago

probably not an easter egg but a default screen for the TV effect after you v passed one checkoint

Phoenix76120d ago

You do know what an "easter egg" is? Don't you?

Sonic-and-Crash120d ago

i do ? do you ? having an easter egg for the main theme plot of the whole game doesnt make sense ...that cordyceps is responsible for the outbreak is known even from the cover of the game and is being reffered continuously through the game ....

120d ago
Inverno120d ago

Isn't that part of the docu they took inspiration from? I still think their concept of zombies is the most original take in any form of media since the inception of zombies. Definitely the most grounded in reality

YoungKingDoran120d ago

I'd agree, but also add that RE4 doesn't get any credit for the similar usage of this cool concept (8.5 years earlier) with the Las Plagas being based on similar parasites (not fungal) and as mentioned in Luis notes "Dicrocoelium, Galactosomum, Leucochlordium". I think it's cool concept anyway...