Team Behind Custom Black PS5 Cancels All Orders After Receiving Threats

The team behind the custom black PS5 has announced today that they are canceling all orders and refunding those who pre-ordered their black-themed PS5.

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Jin_Sakai91d ago

Scam from the beginning sounds about right.

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Kados90d ago

If it was a scam, they would not be providing full refunds. All evidence points to it having been legit. People these days are such paranoid schizos.

potatoseal90d ago

Wait until they actually give the refunds. You know, anyone can say "you are all getting refunds". I'm not saying it was or wasn't a scam, but wait until the evidence of full refunds has happened.

Kados90d ago

Several people on Twitter have already reported getting full refunds.

potatoseal90d ago

@ Kados.

For all you know they could be people involved with the company. I'm just saying, a few people on Twitter saying something means F all to me or anyone else. This company is brand new with zero history. What have they done with everyone credit card details?

RauLeCreuset90d ago

"People these days are such paranoid schizos."

Maybe, but it's not like scams are a thing of the past. This is super sus. If legit, it could have been handled in a lot more responsible way.

shamon8590d ago

they even had sony permission people saying scam is stupid

Fluttershy7790d ago

maybe you are working for the company too...

RazzerRedux90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


How were these guys going to get their hands on 304 PS5s when most can't even buy ONE?

There's being paranoid and then there is common sense that something wasn't right about this from the beginning.

Sitdown90d ago

People these days still misusing paranoid schizophrenia.

Kados90d ago


They likely used bots, same as the scalpers. Also possible they could have got them from stores in smaller towns that didn't sell out as fast. Common sense extends beyond just validating criticism.

CobraKai89d ago

Would you order from them?

RazzerRedux89d ago

Bots at this point are only pulling in a couple of units at a time, not mass truckloads like at launch.

"Also possible they could have got them from stores in smaller towns that didn't sell out as fast."

There is no in store stock. It is all online. You are reaching.

Kados89d ago (Edited 89d ago )


You think they ordered 304 units, and had them all magically customized the instant they were removed from the shipping box? Now who is reaching? They likely would have got them at launch. It takes time to disassemble and paint 304 systems. This is not some massive multi national corporation with million dollar assembly lines to do this stuff. It is a small independant team of modders, almost certainly doing it all by hand. It doesn't happen over night.

RazzerRedux89d ago

Did you even bother to read the article or the links or are you just making this shit up as you go?

"They likely would have got them at launch."

Nonsense. The company URL was registered on December 31, 2020 and you think they bought 304 PS5s at launch? Hilarious.

And they removed their address from their website, but previously it was "SUP3R5 8 The Green STE 4000 Dover, DE, 19901 United States". That's a bullshit virtual address:

8 The Green, Ste A Dover, DE 19901
https://www.delawareregiste... looked into these guys days ago, before they folded up.

"After doing hours of research, we concluded that the sup3r5 com store does not seem reliable to us due to several reasons that we have quoted under the drawback section. We can’t declare the site scam as it is only six days old, and it is too early to predict anything.

Consequently, we recommend verifying everything from your side before sharing your card details on this store. "

Done here. Believe what you want.

Kados89d ago (Edited 89d ago )


Admittedly the address issue is a bit suspicious. Though being a small team, they might just be working from home and not actually have any company offices. Using a virtual address for site registration is understandable. Would you want to give out your home address to thousands of people online?

The registration date means nothing. What is the point in registering a site for a product that you do not even have any images of to show off? They likely would have waited until they finalized the design and had some units fully done up, so that they would have something to actually show on said website. With all the people calling it a scam now, imagine if they had launched and described the project without even having any designs to show. People wouldn't have given them a second glance.

NeoGamer23289d ago

The paranoid survive.

Now-a-days misinformation is everywhere. Scams are rampant on the internet and people are spreading information that is simply untrue everywhere.

Although I don't think this one was a scam, it is good for people to be looking out for them.

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RazzerRedux91d ago

Someone needed some attention

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Sciurus_vulgaris91d ago

I don’t think it would be too hard to simply take the sides off a PS5 and spray paint them black.

KOIMOJO90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Yeah, I think people don't want to permanently mark their console but if you just pick up a can of plasti dip it turns out a great rubberized matte black and when you want it back to the original color it will peel off like it was never there. I keep mine horizontal and the rubberized texture actually keeps it on the stand much more securely too.

Sciurus_vulgaris90d ago

I like the idea of selling rubber removable sleeves for the PS5 side panels. I myself would love a PlayStation 5 with blue side panels. Unfortunately, PS5s are extremely difficult to come by at RSP where I live.

Neonridr91d ago

could have been that Sony were the ones threatening them.. with legal action.

Zool 0890d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I suspect that they'll be doing their own black version at some stage in the future.

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DJStotty89d ago

I would say you are bang on Neonridr, that is why the company have cited the threats as "credible".

I would say a lawsuit was filed, just like against the other company a few months back.

DJStotty89d ago

I have just looked into this a bit further, and this is plain as day a scam.

Could Sony have put pressure on the company? possible but highly unlikely.

All affiliation to this company has now been deleted, twitter account etc, so anyone that has not yet got a refund, i think you may now have lost out.

Neonridr89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

yeah who knows. I mean on one hand I could imagine the backlash from the masses when they are offering a product like this with so few available. Secondly, Sony could have easily found out about this and put pressure on them. But I agree, it seems like it more than likely could have been a scam. Considering they have basically disappeared doesn't bode well for their credibility.

DJStotty89d ago

Exactly, add that to the fact that i think it highly unlikely for fans of a console to send threats just because they are out of stock.

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NealGamby90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Some companies have no intention of ever delivering a product. They have you place orders knowing full well they will cancel them, refund you but retain your card info to sell to third party companies on the black market. It’s easy money and it’s a way to keep their hands fairly clean, as they are not the ones who will ultimately use them for illegal purchases and the buyer knows he’s getting cards that work.

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