King of Fighters XV is Getting an Anime Short

Masami Obari of the Fatal Fury animated movies has been lined up to direct. One thing's for sure: nothing he works on is ever boring.

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Nerdmaster983d ago

I hope this means the story in KoF XV will be better than the story in XIV.

983d ago
KDblack982d ago

Fingers crossed! It'll certainly be entertaining.


2023 is the Year of the Fighting Game

The fighting game genre is getting a significant resurgence this year, with the biggest names in the genre punching full force in 2023.

Knushwood Butt89d ago

I've been playing a fair bit of SF2 WW lately. Now I remember what a cheap ******* Bison is.


King of Fighters 15 Season 2 Slated for January 2023, DLC Character Shingo Yabuki Announced

King of Fighters XV Season 2 will come with various refinements to the roster, as well as new DLC characters and a crossplay function.


Hey Poor Player Holiday Buyers Guide 2022 – Fighting Games

Andrew writes: "For the second year straight, this was perhaps the hardest list for me to write for our Holiday Guide. While the fighting game genre is an important one in video games, the cadence of quality releases feels like its ground to a halt, with only a few great games releasing each year. I’ve had to include rereleases, something we usually save for their own list, just to come up with five games worth considering.

While we can hope that Street Fighter 6, and maybe even Tekken 8, will lead to a stronger list next year, the good news is that we were ultimately still able to come up with five games worth your time, even if perhaps the genre’s biggest breakout game this year, MultiVersus, is free to play and thus not for sale."

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