Monolith Soft president on the company's growth, future prospects of the industry

In a previous issue of Famitsu, the publication spoke with Monolith Soft president Hirohide Sugiura. One of the topics discussed was how Monolith Soft has grown in scale, and Sugiura’s vision for the future.

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Neonridr123d ago

Nintendo needs to buy these guys and make sure they are under their wing.

phoenixwing122d ago

Nintendo is the majority shareholder of the company. They own 80 percent of them.

Neonridr122d ago

my bad, I didn't think they did. Nevermind then :P

no_more_heroes123d ago

I would love a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that feels a lot more like 1 instead of 2. Even a XCX 2 would be great.