Pokémon Fan Recreates Diamond & Pearl In Unreal Engine And It Looks Amazing

Tired of waiting for Game Freak to deliver remakes, one Pokémon fan has taken it upon themselves to recreate Diamond & Pearl in Unreal Engine.

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Zeref868d ago

Title is highly misleading , it's just environment art

Hikoran868d ago

I don't know how many times the playerbase needs to ask for a fully fledged core pokemon game to get one..

Outlawzz868d ago

Game freak will continue to make mediocre games as long as they keep selling. Unfortunately, it will always be. But the good thing is that other devs are starting to pick up the slack and create their own monster collecting games.

adamwparker868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

And now that it's out there in the news, Nintendo lawyers are putting on their ties.
They are now Sauron's eye following this thing.

Lesson still not learned when it comes to this Pokemon 'project' stuff.

The second a Pokemon or signpost referencing a town from that game shows up, it's Hammer time!

Double_O_Revan868d ago

Yep. Tomorrows headline: Pokémon Fan Has Their Diamond & Pearl Unreal Engine Remake Shut Down And Is Now Sad.

-Foxtrot868d ago

This is basically what I wanted for the first console Pokemon game, like if they remade Pokemon Yellow

What did we get? A dumbed down, easy as hell Lets Go version of Yellow

SDuck868d ago

The fact that I'm forced to look at that horrible 3d remake of the first movie once I open this article makes me want to take this down!

868d ago
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