Nintendo Switch Had More Sales in the UK Last Year Than Every PlayStation and Xbox Combined

The people have spoken--the winner of this new round of the console wars is definitely, unquestionably the Nintendo Switch. At least, in the UK, it is.

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ZeekQuattro48d ago

In Japan it's even worse. The December NPD will paint a similar picture as well.

CyberSentinel47d ago

I want an uncensored gaming experience.
I am not a child, and I will support companies that don’t support censorship.

Nintendo 👍🏾

locomorales47d ago

You just want pedo shit and submissive virtual women.

Don't perch on a moral pedestal. You are the same ones who were crying with Tlou2.

Bunch of bastards.

Dark_Overlord47d ago

Same reason I'm buying one. Jap devs are rightfully just ignoring Sony now due to the BS they're enforcing on them.

Dark_Overlord47d ago

"You just want pedo shit and submissive virtual women"

Jesus christ kid, go back under your bridge, let the grown ups speak

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TheTony31646d ago

Dark Overlord

Which japanese devs are ignoring Sony? 98% of all japanese games are coming to PS consoles.

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utopiancat48d ago

Well... this is rather misleading.

Obviously the last gen consoles were on the way out and the new consoles were only on the market for one and a half months.

If you want want to get an accurate picture you would compare the sales of the highest performing years or some kind of aligned release.

While it's probably true and interesting as an anomaly of the system, what you said it's really of little importance in terms of over all market share or revenue/profits.

KeenBean34547d ago

But the switch is selling faster than both ps4/xbox one when you align launches so what's your point? And going back to what you said about revenue/profits, Switch has sold at a profit since launch and their releases this year haven't typically been big budget, besides Animal Crossing.

Not sure why you're trying to deflect from the switch doing incredibly well.

Source for aligned launches:

utopiancat47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

"Not sure why you're trying to deflect from the switch doing incredibly well."

Huh? No, I'm not.

I actually point out the importance of aligned launch as a measurement of comparison.

I'm not making a judgment about the consoles at all, not in the least. I am discussing the way the information is being presented.

And I never said that Switch isn't outselling PS4 or xbox. It is, absolutely. But please take care to note that this article is discussing *only* last year and pointing out that Switch outsold four other console SKU's. Which again I didn't even dispute, I'm sure that what they presented is true. All I did was explain why it's true and why it's not that important statistically for judging over all success. (which isn't saying Switch isn't successful it is obviously)

Xx_Pistol_xX46d ago

With such a huge price gap between the with and it;s competition why even compare. It's doing well just leave it at that.

Neonridr47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

aligning the sales the Switch is tracking slightly more than the PS4 if I'm not mistaken. So it goes to show that the Switch could easily sell 100+ when this is all said and done. Especially if they go and release a Pro model like Sony did. Bottom line is both consoles sold extremely well. The XB1 is the outlier here, and just looks embarassing in comparison.

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Silly gameAr47d ago

With these nintendo articles, you just have to read between the lines. They like to try to make the Switch look like it's destroying everything moving, yet you never see anyone mention the switch in a serious light but ninendo fans and kids.

Sirk7x47d ago

It's also on track to become one of the highest selling consoles of all time. Watch those hardware sales in Japan come March, when Monster Hunter releases.

Shane Kim47d ago

They are also cheaper than a ps4/xbox one.

DaCajun46d ago

WTF are you talking about? You can get any base console you listed for $300 usd each.

Psychotica47d ago

McDonald's sells more cheeseburgers than a 5 start restaurant too..

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SpeedDemon47d ago

Except their games are not only selling a lot, theyre highly rated also.

Lexreborn247d ago

I bought a switch and switch lite last year. I won’t be buying anymore switches I’ll wait for their next gen replacement.

Lexreborn247d ago

So I will buy another switch and not wait until next gen replacement? Or I didn’t buy a lite and switch last year? This is such an odd thing to disagree with lol

godofiron47d ago

Weird how people kept saying it wasn't a direct competitor to Sony and Microsoft home consoles, because of its different release schedule, and inferior specs.

But now, when it's no longer even a part of any 'generation' (like the Wii U was), and it's doing well, it's "won" the console war.

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