Nintendo Switch Had More Sales in the UK Last Year Than Every PlayStation and Xbox Combined

The people have spoken--the winner of this new round of the console wars is definitely, unquestionably the Nintendo Switch. At least, in the UK, it is.

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ZeekQuattro987d ago

In Japan it's even worse. The December NPD will paint a similar picture as well.

CyberSentinel986d ago

I want an uncensored gaming experience.
I am not a child, and I will support companies that don’t support censorship.

Nintendo 👍🏾

locomorales986d ago

You just want pedo shit and submissive virtual women.

Don't perch on a moral pedestal. You are the same ones who were crying with Tlou2.

Bunch of bastards.

Dark_Overlord986d ago

Same reason I'm buying one. Jap devs are rightfully just ignoring Sony now due to the BS they're enforcing on them.

Dark_Overlord986d ago

"You just want pedo shit and submissive virtual women"

Jesus christ kid, go back under your bridge, let the grown ups speak

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TheTony316985d ago

Dark Overlord

Which japanese devs are ignoring Sony? 98% of all japanese games are coming to PS consoles.

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Psychotica986d ago

McDonald's sells more cheeseburgers than a 5 start restaurant too..

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SpeedDemon986d ago

Except their games are not only selling a lot, theyre highly rated also.

Lexreborn2986d ago

I bought a switch and switch lite last year. I won’t be buying anymore switches I’ll wait for their next gen replacement.

Lexreborn2986d ago

So I will buy another switch and not wait until next gen replacement? Or I didn’t buy a lite and switch last year? This is such an odd thing to disagree with lol

godofiron986d ago

Weird how people kept saying it wasn't a direct competitor to Sony and Microsoft home consoles, because of its different release schedule, and inferior specs.

But now, when it's no longer even a part of any 'generation' (like the Wii U was), and it's doing well, it's "won" the console war.