FTC Blasts Apple And Google In Tapjoy Advertising Ruling

The Federal Trade Commission has blasted Apple and Google, suggesting the two companies' prohibitive mobile platform charges force developers into predatory revenue streams. This comes in a statement made regarding advertising middleman Tapjoy, against whom the FTC has filed a complaint over unfair practices.

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utopiancat57d ago

The future doesn't look bright for tech users.

We have tariffs that just kicked in now adding hundreds of dollars to the cost of computer parts and if you take away the subsidization on phones by removing the fees they make on selling software on their market places were looking at $2000 phones in the future as well.

Inverno56d ago

Phones are already $2000.

utopiancat56d ago

Ok... well if you want to play games with words, then your $2000 phone will cost $2500 after tarrifs.

Kavorklestein56d ago

Just dont buy new tech till it drops in price. Use your wallet to tell them an acceptable price point. If nobody buys, they'll listen

utopiancat56d ago

That's not how it works. If you look at graphics card last generation cards still cost as much as they did before the current generation. In fact if you look at the prices you can see they have already been adjusted up for the tariffs. a 2070 now cost around $1000

Kavorklestein55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Oh but it is. If nobody buys then they will have no choice to drop prices.
This has nothing to so with old GFX cards.