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CCG writes - "Anyone who’s been consuming Asian media or even video games in general over the past month has probably heard of Genshin Impact in some capacity at this point—and there could be many reasons as to why. Whether that is because it is one of the few high-budget, Chinese-created games to release worldwide, the numerous (unfair) comparisons to Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the fact that it made back its $100 million budget within three weeks, or that it’s an “anime game” without actually being from Japan. Either way, Genshin Impact has made its, uh, "impact" on the video game scene—for better and for worse."

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BootHammer333d ago

My daughter would love this. BOTW is her absolute favorite game at this point and she also loves anime. Crazy they cleared 100 million in 3 weeks.