No more Resident Evil 8 spoilers: Capcom updates its privacy policies

The Japanese company has updated its rules for the use of images and videos, prohibiting sharing spoilers of the games even after they have been released.

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Sephiroushin48d ago

If it really was a hacker that spoiled the roadmap (hope Dragons Dogma is true) etc then updating policies wont stop them ...

Darkborn47d ago

I just hope dragons dogma 2 is only current gen and not last gen though.

Azurite47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

In other words, can't stream their games anymore.
Or upload videos on sites like youtube.

Viking_mo47d ago

Every boss and even the ending got leaked. What else is there to hide lol

sourOG47d ago

So no steaming essentially? Stupid move.

CrimsonWing6946d ago

Well, when you think about what is the prime selling point of these single player games. I know it sucks you can’t watch full playthroughs, but from a business standpoint you have to wonder if people watch a full playthrough then you have to figure there’s a percentage who won’t bother picking up the game. I say this because when we I bring up a single player game I have some friends that say they’ll just watch a stream instead of buying it.

I think allowing streaming of a certain portion of the game could be a happy medium for consumer and publisher. If they like what they see they can buy it to finish the game.

Multiplayer games it’s a whole other story. I think streaming helps get people to buy into them in order to participate competitively.

sourOG46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Those kinds of people probably wouldn’t have bought it anyways though. We haven’t seen a crazy drop in game sales because of streaming. Quite the opposite.

Like me personally, I tend to avoid reviews. I just don’t trust them. I’ll pick a random one out of 30 and see what they say without giving it much weight. I would much rather base my purchase on a demo or watching some gameplay. I would get no satisfaction watching a whole single player playthrough like a movie lol. I can’t understand how anyone would. Nothing can replace the interactive element. It’s why we love games. Definitely not for the story 95% of the time.