5 New Year’s Resolutions for Microsoft to Keep in 2021

Microsoft and Xbox have a pivotal year ahead of them. While it seems the launch of the Xbox Series X is coming along better than the Xbox One launch, there are still a few things Microsoft need to do to get themselves ahead. Here are 5 New Year's resolutions that can them make it big for the future.

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RazzerRedux55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

"Continued Transparency"
"Namely around the information leading up to the release of the Xbox Series X and S. Xbox made sure that all the information was made widely available and broken down easily. That way everybody was on the same page. This helped the Xbox team avoid some of the debacle that Sony had to deal with when it finally revealed the PS5."

Microsoft was no more transparent than Sony in the information they provided about their consoles. The only difference was the timing of the information revealed. And Microsoft had just as many "debacles" as Sony. Was Microsoft transparent about the fact that the games were all running on PC because RDNA 2.0 wasn't ready? Nope.

"The thought is this: If a player that primarily games on PC becomes a Game Pass subscriber, they now have access to xCloud on their mobile device. Let’s say this same player now wants to purchase a new console when they come back into stock.
Are they going to get the console locked outside of the ecosystem they’re now using? Or the console that synchronizes with everything they’re doing? What if that same console had an incredible slate of first-party titles recently released? And the company behind these games was completely open about the inner workings of the studios? The choice seems obvious then."

As a player who primarily games on PC, why would I buy a console where all the games are currently available on my PC. If I'm going to buy a console then it is because it offers me something I don't already have.

And why did this piece on "new years resolutions" suddenly turn into a sales pitch?

CYALTR55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I'm a guy that usually jumps to the defence of Xbox, but those 2 point above are just stupid. Overall I think MS operates with somewhat more transparency and consumer "friendliness", but that is what I would expect from a perpetual underdog. It's Marketing 101, if you can't compete on product, compete with customer service.

That said, I don't see where the Series X/S launch was handled any better than Sony did with the PS5. They were both complete clusters with the only real advantage MS had being the fact that they had less demand.

As far as GamePass goes, personally I am a fan. It works well for me. It gives me enough selection at a low enough price that it is a good value to me. Additionally, as a Microsoft Rewards member, I have only put about $50 into my last 2 years of subscription. However, I completely understand it is not the right solution for everyone, that is why complete games are still offered, both in physical or digital choices. As a consumer, I appreciate that. The more choices the better as far as I am concerned.

"As a player who primarily games on PC, why would I buy a console where all the games are currently available on my PC. If I'm going to buy a console then it is because it offers me something I don't already have."

If I was a PC gamer, I wouldn't either, and I don't think MS really cares. The name of the company is MicroSOFT. They are and always have been, primarily, a SOFTWARE company. The hardware game is a money loser, slim margin product at best. That is why I think Xbox streaming sticks are in the near future. Microsoft's game is getting their software product in as many hands as possible while also making a major play into product delivery, thus allowing them to profit from 3rd party content that has zero development cost.

Sony is taking a more traditional approach, not surprising, Japanese companies tend to be more conservative, and again, they are operating from a position of market strength. It wouldn't surprise me if Sony was making similar moves in the background. They already have a similar set up, just not as attractive as GP, IMO. But again, they don't need to make that move just yet. MS has made their moves out of necessity, not because they are just a bunch of games who want to share the love of gaming with the world, even though that is the image Phil Spencer tries to project. I think it is actually somewhat genuine from a personal standpoint, I think he really is that kind of guy, but his JOB is to make money for MS, if he can accomplish both goals at the same time, all the better, but never forget who signs is paycheck, a board of directors that only care about the bottom line for shareholders. That is the JOB of the board of directors. Again, if they can accomplish both goals all the better, but at the end of the day, you know it is money that talks.

BTW, I didn't actually read the article as Twinfinate is usually clickbait garbage, but I though Razer made some really good points.

MrBelasco55d ago

You don’t have to buy one. Are you trying to convince others or yourself? I am trying to understand the point of your comments.

RazzerRedux55d ago

I thought I was pretty clear. The author is making the case that PC gamers should opt for Xbox over a console "outside the ecosystem". I'm making the case that what he says is an "obvious" choice isn't so obvious at all. I'm referencing myself as an example of someone who has no need for an Xbox as I have access to all its games on my PC.

Hope that helps.

MrDead55d ago

I would like them to stop taking form the gaming world (like the ongoing ZeniMax grab) and add to it instead. Just because you're rich doesn't mean everything should just be yours.

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