The biggest PC gaming questions Nvidia needs to answer in 2021

And they're not all about the number of spatulas in Jen-Hsun's kitchen.

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Espangerish58d ago

Question 1. What the hell is the RTX 3090 supposed to be?! Worst value graphics card ever released.

Question 2. Where is the 3080 stock?

Question 3. Where will the 3080ti sit in the product range? The gaming performance gap between 3080 and 3090 is pretty small. Are they really going to offer a ti model with only 10-15% performance boost on the 3080?


I'm just wating for the 3070 Super announcement, and get my wallet ready :D. Maybe stock will be available by the summer LMAO. I have a 2070 Super, and while ray tracing is cool, it's just shit performance. The best thing is forget about it or, turn it off until ray tracing can have the same performance as rasterized graphics.