Granblue Fantasy Relink Next Major Reveal at The End of 2021; Versus Next Character Reveal in March

Today Granblue Fantasy developer Cygames provided new information about what fans can expect in terms of reveals for Granblue Fantasy Relink and Versus.

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phoenixwing127d ago

that's so depressing, i wanted it this year...Hopefully it turns out good due to all this waiting

Sephiroushin126d ago

They delayed it last year to 2022... The game is playable from start to end but needs polish and changes... next major reveal probably includes release date...

solideagle126d ago

I smell development trouble. It was announced in 2016 and it will released in 2022, that's 6 years of development? I know they released a fighting game in between, I hope this game turns out to be decent as platinum games worked on the combat.