Super Mario World 30 Years Later: Celebrating a Flawed Classic

GameCrate: "While it may have been legendary in its day and remains iconic even now, when you really dissect Super Mario World, it’s disappointing to discover that it’s actually a bit problematic. That’s not to say it’s any less an important game — and it’s still very much a fun game, too — but looking at it now, there’s just no denying that it’s a somewhat of a flawed classic."

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TravsVoid49d ago

Article reads like a shit post.

ScootaKuH49d ago

Flawed? The only thing flawed here is this article

Shuckylad49d ago

Best Mario game of all time for me. Still enjoy it after 30 years.

JustTheFax49d ago

I don't know about "flawed", but Miyamoto did admit that the game development was rushed near the end to be a launch title, and he felt the game was incomplete.

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