Xbox in 2021: a proper launch year awaits

From Eurogamer: "There's a kind of vague density to Xbox's year ahead: The Medium is out on January 28th, and then nothing else, out of the whopping 21 console or timed exclusives that I can count, has an actual solid release date. This, of course, is largely the result of the pandemic. Microsoft's original plans for the Series X and S's launch, like everyone's, having been dramatically impacted, and so what we get is lots of games crammed into the broad window of "2021", and lots of uncertainty about when exactly they'll actually arrive, or whether they'll even make it out this year at all."

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crazyCoconuts50d ago

"All of it adds up to what you might call a 'promising' year, then, if not exactly a spectacular one."
Promises are never in short supply...

ScootaKuH50d ago

Not with Xbox at least. They're good at promising, not so great at delivering

DPO50d ago

Keep dreaming 😂😂

SickSinceSix50d ago

Thought Phil Spencer said he's looking forward to new stuff 3 years from now