CDPR Confirms Rumored Cyberpunk 2077 Developer Post is “Untrue”

CD Projekt Red, developer of Cyberpunk 2077, has clarified that the claims made by a supposed dev are “untrue”.

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masterfox199d ago

CDPR they sure doesn't know how to handle PR do they?, at least with the "false post" it was mentioned that CDPR was working hard to fix the game, but now they are saying everything was fake and that includes fixing the game lol, seiously at least some fake post is trying to give hope for this messy game that it will be better, but nope here comes CDPR saying NO dont believe this we ain't working hard to fix it. XD

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TallDarknWavy199d ago

They are saying it's untrue but didn't say which parts. Obviously parts where it disparages upper management and Keanu Reeves, they want to save face and not make their image even worse.
This is just typical PR of deny everything so you can try to control the narrative yourself to boost consumer confidence as much as possible that the game is in good hands and will get fixed.

SmokinAces199d ago

I think the fact that patch updates have come out speaks more to what they're are doing than them talking about these untrue claims.

The 10th Rider199d ago

But the post also talked about the timing/nature of upcoming patches. They wouldn't want people's expectations built off of that if it's not true.

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Knightofelemia198d ago (Edited 198d ago )


You would be in their shoes to if you promised a game that is suppose to be good with Keanu Reeves and the amount of marketing behind it just for it to be a buggy pile of shit that you have to patch as you go. Especially since the last PR they got was Sony taking the game off the PSN network and refunds being issued for this game.

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combolock199d ago

I think the fact that this could be true is all you really need to know. CDPR just needs to STFU for 3 or 4 months and fix the shit excuse of a game that they released

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AspiringProGenji199d ago

Imagine denying a rumor about fixing your broken game lmao.

Exvalos198d ago

Lmfao this is tragic rip cdprojekt red, you either die a hero or live long enough blah blah blah

antikbaka199d ago

and before they said the game was ready for the release

IRetrouk199d ago

The game is still crashing on ps5, some weird graphical glitches too, really hard to get into when it's still running so poor.(i know, last gen version etc) not good enough.

DragonWarrior19199d ago

I deleted it off my PS5, borrowed my roommate's disk, and now there is a permanent black icon saying the game's name to the left of the store icon. My ps5 did that with a couple other digital games I deleted as well but a license refreshed fixed those but Cyberpunk is still there. CDPR really screwed this game up even when the game isn't installed it still leaves a mess on the console.

Seraphim199d ago

everything is crashing on my PS5. Shadows Awakening, Cyberpunk and now Godfall. I'll probably get Miles Morales, Last of Us 2 or whatever I play next to crash too. Other than some crashes though Cyberpunk ran completely fine for me. Yeah there were some minor tears and bugs but nothing ridiculous. No more or less than I see from many other [open world] games. My second biggest complaint was the game not recognizing you were off the bike/car. Eventually I realized if I just hit start that for some reason the game corrected itself. 120 hours and a Platinum later I can put it behind me though. I will say once the iron is taken to the game people shouldn't hesitate to play it. Certainly not a spectacular game [imo] but it's still a dam good one.

Seraphim198d ago

@kryteris - no, everything is running from the PS5 drive

IRetrouk199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I've only had dirt 5 and cyberpunk crash my system so far, I've played a good mix of new and bc games, but they are the only two, dirt 5 seemed to have sorted it but cyberpunk is still the same, not sure what the issue is, and if i were you I would look into getting that ps5 looked at if its crashing with every game you try.

StoneyYoshi198d ago

CODBO:CW is the worst game on my PS5. Miles morales crashed once for me but BO:CW hard crashed my system to the point where i had to unplug the system for it to even respond to the power button being pressed. Uninstalled the game the moment I got back onto the home screen and it will never be installed again. Im blaming the game and not the system considering this stuff happens with the same game for XSX users.

IRetrouk198d ago

Shit, glad I avoided cod this year if its doing that to the systems, was almost picking it up too lol

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