Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo 20 years ago "but they just laughed their asses off"

Eurogamer: What if Microsoft bought Nintendo in the run up to the original Xbox? The last 20 years of video games would look pretty different, I imagine. Well, it turns out Microsoft actually tried to make it happen.

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Abnor_Mal57d ago

If this is true, damn Microsoft have been trying to buy up the market for a very long time now. Nintendo just laughed at them for what seemed like an hour straight, that is funny. They also tried to by EA, Capcom and others, but never made an attempt for Sony, I wonder why. Or is it they just wanted to simply crush Sony.

Jin_Sakai57d ago

I love Nintendo and grew up with as many on here did. If Microsoft ever bought them I’d never touch anything Nintendo again. I guarantee they’d westernize everything and run them into the ground.

Silly gameAr57d ago

I grew up with and loved nintendo too, but I feel like that towards Nintendo now. Seems like they're just resting on their laurels, and letting the media hype them up.

Fluttershy7757d ago

Agree 100% What makes Nintendo great is that they are very japanese, they've found a way to make accessible to the West the Japanese culture.
Also, MS destroyed Rare... What would be different here?...
I love Capcom too. The numbers at Capcom were really bad a few years ago. Since then they've done some good stuff imo: Megaman Legacy - 11 (and apparently a new one on the making), The Street Fighter 30th An was perfect, Resident Evil 2 remake one of my favorite games, I'm still waiting for a Dragon's Dogma sequel anyways I can go on and on ... but the point is, who knows really how the business is going for Capcom?

Sonic-and-Crash57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

MS was always the same ..never tried to invest in creators starting from zero...always tried to steal the magic from others....
i ill say that with HALO1 managed really to launch themselves to the top , up there with Sony and Ninty and then again shoot themselves on the foot by making that terrible sequel Halo 2 ....Halo 2 is the total proof how MS works (only 1 year development for the sequel of their best IP ever created on Xbox ,scrapping everything bungie had created , just to include XboxLive) , and how this way is NOT applicable in gaming industry

nommers57d ago

@Silly gameAr As much as Nintendo has been doing that and been quite overrated/underwhelming for a few gens now, letting MS buy them would be really bad.

oakshin57d ago

I grew up with them to but they suck selling me cardboard and the crap the doing to the smash brothers community is trash

bouzebbal57d ago

Than God they didn't.. Nintendo would be making kinect games

neutralgamer199256d ago

Silly gamer

Couldn't agree more man there is definitely a double standard for how gaming journalists treat nintendo compared to PlayStation and xbox. Nintendo literally charged $60 for a cardboard box

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Sonic-and-Crash57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

they tried to cooperate with Sony too ...back in the golden days of PS1 ...they proposed to them PS2 (back then was the next gen console )to have Windows as operating system ...but Sony denied categorecally

Jin_Sakai57d ago

Exactly. I’d never want Sony or Microsoft to buy them. Sony are good at what they do and Nintendo are good at what they do. I could care less about Xbox to be honest.

TheExecutioner57d ago

The way you speak makes you childish ...

no one can buy sony a 120 B net worth company.

but Nintendo 8.3 b, hell yeah Microsoft can buy it

Shiken56d ago

What a silly troll attempt. Nintendo is currently worth $85 billion net, and unlike Sony they are primarily a video game company.

You pull that 8.3 out of your ass, or just add a decimal and hope no one noticed?

Zeref56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I'm willing to bet that Playstation will get bought by Apple, Amazon or Google in the future with the way things are going it's bound to happen.

They are going to make an offer that Sony can't refuse.

I'm hoping it will be Amazon.
Apple is too disgustingly capitalist and google is just evil. Amazon will be the lesser of two evils. And i feel like they would be on board with a lot of things that gamers want.

RazzerRedux56d ago (Edited 56d ago )


I've been reading idiotic prophesizes from people who don't know jack shit about they are talking about for years.

I'll just file yours along with all those who claimed Microsoft will give up on Xbox. You and those who make that claim are the same. Truth sucks, don't it?

SmokinAces57d ago

"Or is it they just wanted to simply crush Sony."

If so its a mission they failed at just as hard as their attempt to buy Nintendo.

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Zeref56d ago

I'm pretty sure they were trying to buy anyone when they first entered the market. Cuz you know... It's a business...

darthv7256d ago

MS had a pretty good run with the MSX but that was the computer side. They were hoping to find a quick way into the console side by offering to buy Nintendo. And when that didn't work out, they approached both Sony and Sega to partner (for the OS of their systems) and Sony turned them down because they were already far along in their PS2 OS while Sega said sure. WinCE was very easy for Sega to get running with the DC and actually helped it come to market sooner than they expected.

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RazzerRedux57d ago

If that would have happened, we would be reading an article called "Nintendo, In remembrance".

And not because of Microsoft. Because it was Steve Ballmer's Microsoft.

FallenAngel198457d ago

Wasn’t this already known since 2002

ThinkThink57d ago

Yeah, this story makes the rounds over the years each time with a slightly different title. It's funnnnnnnn

blackblades57d ago

I didnt know, i knew Nintendo turned Sony down on working together with the cd but not this. Anyways makes sense that a big Corp would do that. Looking at today they are still at it.

TheCaptainKuchiki57d ago

They didn't turn Sony down since they worked together for a while.

SoulWarrior57d ago

Well thank god that never actually happened.

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