Microsoft commits to fix Xbox Series X controller disconnects in a future update

Nearly 1,700 people have reported the issue in Microsoft’s help forums.

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jjb198157d ago

This happened to me while I was playing Halo 5, I thought it was my battery at first then it happened again. Its probably a firmware issue.

Mr Pumblechook57d ago

This headline highlights the closeness between TheVerge and Microsoft. Previously they didn't even want to cover the story that people were reporting. Now, instead of saying 'Microsoft confirms there is a disconnection issue' it says Microsoft 'will commit' to fixing it. The Verge should not be doing the PR work for the companies it covers.

mikeslemonade57d ago

Yea this has happened a couple times for me. But oh well it’s just a software issue. Dualsense controller they have hardware issue where the triggers get loose.

Rude-ro57d ago

Sony has a history of making games too... would be nice to see Microsoft do that.
But you only care about possible matching negatives I guess. 😂🤦🤷 27995;‍♀️

potatoseal57d ago

No they don't have a hardware issue. That's horseshit. 20 people on an entire resetera thread doesn't count. Stop spreading lies. You're comparing the 1,700 people on official MS forums, to a random resetera thread with only a few people. NO MEDIA SITE worth their salt would ever report on it because it's within the bounds of acceptable failure rates for any single peice of electronics out there. Meaning, it's INSIGNIFICANT to even bother reporting on

Fluttershy7757d ago

The controller disconnects? Why don't we hear about this more

BlaqMagiq157d ago

Let me guess 10 people reported this trigger issue and you will somehow find a way to equate this to 1700 people complaining about disconnects?

mikeslemonade57d ago

Why wouldn’t the trigger issue be widespread^ come on.. use your brain. Just because you can only afford one console doesn’t mean you should defend it.

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Abnor_Mal57d ago

Looks like MS are also asking fans if they would like features of the DualSense to be incorporated into the Series X/S controllers.

Of topic: having trouble connecting due to server error all morning.

Abnor_Mal57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Lol, yes I didnt want to post a link in case someone was trying to submit it, but since you've done it I will now post mine by a different site.


I would like to know what all the people that called the DS haptics and adaptive triggers a gimmick, what are their thoughts about this. Also if and or when MS adds similar features would they embrace them or still think they were gimmicky.

"The DualSense controller's impressive feature set has inevitably led to some Xbox owners asking for the same sort of technology to be used in the Xbox Wireless Controller, especially as developers seem to be taking advantage of them."

If you cant beat em, join em.

darthv7257d ago

I had a similar problem with an og xbox one a few years back. It would randomly disconnect the controller but after a second or two it would resume.

swifty157d ago

Fucking Microsoft. On my PS4 I’ve got 2 “Xbox studios” games, minecraft dungeons and minecraft story mode season 1. Story mode doesn’t load at all, just a spinning loading icon, and dungeons comes up with an error code when selecting your character. Every , single , time. The only 2 games I own that are glitched , however minor, are both made by Xbox. Pointless story I know I just think it’s a funny coincidence.

Tacoboto57d ago

Minecraft Story Mode was developed *and* published by Telltale Games. Your narrative breaks right there, buddy.

Abnor_Mal57d ago

What about Minecraft Dungeons though? Seems as thought the narrative still stands albeit a bit wobbly, but its still standing.

Tacoboto57d ago

You're gonna pretend only MS software has bugs?

That's cute.

swifty157d ago

Ok, minecraft is an Microsoft/Xbox property. All I was saying buddy is that it’s funny how it played out on my PS4,the only two games I’ve ever played that have had issues for months without them being patched. Buddy I’m not playing sides buddy just thought it was funny, bud

SoloFish57d ago

My one x did this last night on ori and the blind forest. I tried to restart and it hung. I had to hold the power button to turn it off and then got an error on restart. I thought it was bricked at this point but then it started fine?! Other games that fail to sometimes start are forza 7, forza horizon 4 and the Microsoft store often takes a few attempts to load. I have an OG xbox in a different room also and have the same issue.

Tacoboto57d ago

My PS5 will turn on about once a week and the controller connects, and the UI makes the startup sounds, but no response. I'll press the power button on the system to put it back to sleep and turn it back on. The controller doesn't connect this wake-up.

I have to hold the power button for it to do a full system reboot to work again.

It is nice that Ive seen both Xbox and PS5 have feedback/error reporting built-in (though PS5 has to detect an error or crash; in my unresponsive issue, it's undetected).

franwex57d ago

Not to be that guy, but you are reaching. It’s actually rather annoying. I get that it’s fun to make fun at Microsoft-but that’s a completely different issue. Don’t be that guy.

rlow157d ago

I've had this problem a couple of times. Glad they are addressing it.

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