The Best Ways To Play Soulsborne Games

KeenGamer: "Playing difficult games is a mighty task, and FromSoftware is on top of the mountain of creating hard experiences. That is why we will go to the best ways to play Soulsborne games. Everyone has their own way of tackling this genre, and this one might be for you if you are an amateur."

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anast58d ago

Love the From games I have played. The best way is to play solo. I still haven't beat Sekiro. lol

Rocketisleague57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I'm on the last boss of sekiro and stopped.

I'll tho.

Recent going on a run through of em, dark souls 1 finished, bloodborne finished, dark souls 3 pending. Sekiro I'll.qaot for some dlc before going again and finishing.

For me dark souls 3 is the hardest of em, bloodborne was tough but by the end I was OP. Dark souls 1 was quite easy.

Sekiro once you learn how go parry well is pretty easy until the last boss lol

Playing alot if games like an last 2 years again god of war took heavy inspiration from souls and fallen order basically took sekiro and made it worse(it's still pretty.good tho)

anast57d ago

I still have to play 1 and finish DS2. BB is my favorite and my only 100% and is closely followed by DS3 with around 70%. I will finish Sekiro one day, when I get back in the mood for some boss fight repetition. But, without a doubt, From makes some of the best games I have ever played.

Kabaneri57d ago

I like grinding for souls in co-op, its alot of fun to help other players.

Kurt Russell57d ago

Praise the sun for people like you. I usually rely on outside help to get through a lot of tough areas... because I suck but love them anyway.

SickSinceSix57d ago

When I first played Bloodborne, I couldn't even reach the first two bosses and just abandoned it out of frustration. A PC gamer friend talked me into getting Dark Souls III later and gave me a few tips etc. After playing a good amount of DSIII, I returned to Bloodborne, beat the Moon presence and now it's tied with God of War as my favorite PS4 game.

Impatiently waiting for my preordered PS5 console with a copy of Demon's Souls Remastered already waiting on my shelf