Gears 5: Hivebusters Has Some ODST Flavor, and It's the Best Experience Available on Series X Yet

The Coalition's Gears 5: Hivebusters is the best experience Xbox Series X has to offer so far, with a tinge of Halo 3: ODST in it.

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Jin_Sakai755d ago

Looks great. Microsoft should’ve just handed Halo Infinite to The Coalition. They know how to make a great game.

spicelicka755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

This campaign was amazing! I was blown away by the graphics of this, looks next gen. Specially with 3 player co-op playing on hard difficulty adds so much longevity and replicability to the game. There aren't really many 2+ player campaigns that are linear and cinematic like this. Coalition should really build on this formula for Gears 6.

Thatgrammar754d ago

The graphics are good, but they certainly aren’t “next gen.” Did you see the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo? The Horizon: Forbidden West trailer was also very next gen. Gears of war 5 really doesn’t look next gen.

spicelicka754d ago (Edited 754d ago )

My point was that it looks comparable to "next gen" that are out right now. A full game like that could qualify as a launch title, the same way Miles Morales does. Sony advertised the Miles Morales expansion as a PS5 game, which was smart. MS randomly dropped Hivebusters for free on GP and barely advertised it, they should have done the same as Sony.

Also Hivebusters looks better than the standard Gears 5 campaign.

Thatgrammar752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

I never said it didn’t look fantastic or that it doesn’t look good. All I was saying was that it did not look “next gen.” God Of War, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last Of Us Part II all looked on par with or better than Gears 5. Those games were all in the PS4/Xbox One gen. So they looked like really great “current gen” games. Thats all I was saying.

headshotfrosty755d ago

Agreed. Boggles the mind why they didn’t promote this as a launch piece.

InUrFoxHole754d ago

Probably wasn't ready. Disappointed in both sony and ms launch line up. More so ms. At least sony had a remake and miles, sack boy. Ms had Valhalla lol.

headshotfrosty754d ago

Agreed but most games aren’t ready when they show em. It’s called pre release marketing.

lifeisgamesok754d ago

Sony's launch lineup was a step up for PS

InUrFoxHole754d ago

I agree with what you're saying with the pre marketing. Im more so alluding to the halo failure. Maybe they were like... oh crap! We really screwed this up. Let's not push anything right now until we are 100% sure its ready. It could also just be piss poor planning lol.

cooperdnizzle754d ago

Weird that the article says it’s the most next gen looking game on both consoles, he must not have a ps5 yet, because this does not look like a next gen game, demon soul, and spider man heck even sack boy have actual next gen features! Demon soul has all real time ray traced lighting engine. Spider man had the same but also has real time ray tracing that is unmatched by any game right now.

I did however think this was the best gears game I have played since part two. I’ll probably beat it again right now. They did some really cool things with the story and setting.

Do I think it looks next gen compared to actual next gen titles, no! It is missing all the features of a next gen game and that is just a fact. It look like a really really polished Xbox one game running on the series x. Can’t wait for unreal 5 engine though. 😃 and the next gears should be graphically mind blowing.

IRetrouk754d ago

While I agree with your overall comment, demon souls does not have any raytracing in it at all, like zero.

cooperdnizzle747d ago

Demon souls does in fact use ray traced lighting, the devs have said so many times, and Sony took it off the box right before launch because it wasn’t using what people consider typical ray tracing. Look it up if ya want watch some of the dev diary’s.

But yes it doesn’t not have ray traced reflection/ shadows, etc etc

purple101754d ago (Edited 754d ago )

i love sony, but i cant defend them here, - first next gen game in reality, is ratchet and clank, well, technically it might be returnal, but, ratchet will blow peoples minds.

demon souls, i do not have it, or any wish to play it, but i cant help but feeling thats an in-between game, not quite fully next gen, but way better than current gen.

Aussiesummer754d ago

Demons souls DOES NOT have any ray tracing what so ever.

spicelicka754d ago

To be fair the author didn't say it looks the "most next gen", he simply said "Hivebusters is one of the best-looking games I’ve played on either one of my new consoles". It doesn't have ray tracing and neither does Demon Souls, but it does look gorgeous and manages to do it all smoothly with 3 player co-op, which is an overlooked feature. I can't tell if you have played Hivebusters or just regular Gears 5 but Hivebusters looks better than the normal Gears 5 campaign.

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purple101754d ago

i am a sony fan through and through, but i must say, that looked infinitely better than halo infinite. (which looked last gen)

this looks next gen.!

the mechanics of gears is different to halo being slower, and more heavy feeling, compared to halo which is basically quake 3 arena physics, with a different graphical skin on,

as a side note, cod, ran on a modified quake 3 engine the last 12 years!! all the way up to modernwarfare where they re did their engine, cold war, - back to old engine, this is why it feels last gen, in terms of hit markers, aiming etc..

anyhows' - respect to this. looks great.

spicelicka754d ago

Thank god they delayed Infinite! It was clear that the game was unfinished and hopefully the extra year makes it look much better. Perks of investing in both consoles, I never run of out amazing games to play.