Act 1 of Cyberpunk 2077 Is a Crowded & Overwhelming Introduction, in a Good Way

The intro opening hours that are Cyberpunk 2077 Act 1 are crowded, oppressive, uncomfortable, and so immersive. CD Projekt Red got it right.

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Technoir755d ago

This has to be a joke. The first few hours contains some of the most incoherent world building and storytelling I’ve ever experienced in gaming.

RPGer755d ago

It seems that you were experiencing dull shooters and esport games, so that why this is "your best experience". Every Final Fantasy have better world building than this, even COD games like MW2 and MW1 did it better.

It seems Bathesda and shooters are heavily lowering the taste and the standard here.

LucasRuinedChildhood755d ago

I think you misread his comment, mate

anast755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

It was coherent for me. I didn't have a hard time following act 1. How is it incoherent for you?

giovonni755d ago

I don’t know, i found it to be easy to follow and understand.

anast755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

I'm having fun with this game. The AI and bugs are annoying, but I have more hours into this one than AC, Far Cry, Skyrim and Fallout 4 combined.

yeahokwhatever755d ago

i think act 1 is where they spent most of their time polishing. it gets looser and looser as the game goes on.

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