Death Stranding Is the Defining Game of 2020 (Despite Releasing in 2019)

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is the definitive 2020 game, with its isolation, social distancing, and reconnecting amid societal disaster.

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iplay1up2755d ago

Whatever, over rated just like TLOU.

DPO755d ago ShowReplies(1)
purple101755d ago

This may be. But what do you make of ghost of tushima?

shepherdzeMan755d ago

ghost of Tsushima was a good game, like a well-polished assassin creed game.
although it was nothing compared to sekiro!

Rocketisleague755d ago (Edited 755d ago )

Casual iconic version, what assassins creed always could have been but failed to be

Hopefully Ubisoft are picking there holes.about never going to Japan like fans have requested since AC2

@Shepard 100% fromsoft are the games being copied.from an innovating in terms of gameplay. Sony studios normally.jisy take a formula(Spiderman = arkham, ghosts = AC) and polish it into a quality game.

God of war took.the souls genre gameplay and made a great game out of it. Gow was above ghosts imo

Now...on topic...death stranding ain't no walking sim. It's quite stressful monitoring weather, figuring out best way to go, avoiding the human enemies etc. I'm.enjoying it albeit I take big breaks from it. Music and atmosphere are top quality. More games.should take terrain into account like death stranding. O still.have flashbacks of going sideways up a mountain on a horse in skyrim and being in a blizzard with zero effects of your gameplay.

Why bother doing open world without gameplay implications? To me skyrim was a walking sim. Point a to b to c qith Mediocre combat in between? Hopefully other devs learn from it.

The online component is good too, another inspiration from souls series

iplay1up2753d ago

I have not played GOT yet. Looking forward to it. Sony fanboys are ridiculous though! They act like children.

TakeTori755d ago

Nope, pretty underrated, actually.

OptimusDK755d ago

LOL - you must be joking.

preciousdeath755d ago

Say what you want about the game (boring, shipping simulator), but the game definitely had an impact on me. The feeling of loneliness and separation is what makes it so applicable in the current times. The soundtrack is utterly perfect to set the mood too. To me, it's another example of games-as-art and just like most art, it's not for everybody.

Elda755d ago

I enjoyed playing it on the PS4 Pro back in November 2019.

NealGamby755d ago

Go home. You’re drunk.

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The story is too old to be commented.