TemTem on PS5 – Exploring the opening hours of this creature battler MMORPG (TheSixthAxis)

TSA writes: I remember when the creature collecting and battling genre really hit the big time. I was in Year 5 and Pokémon had just landed on our shores. You couldn’t take a step into the playground without noticing kids trade and battle with their Pokémon cards right up until our headteacher put a stop to it because some kids were stealing other people’s cards. Eventually, the cards were replaced with Game Boys. Pokémon has dominated for decades, but new competitors are entering the marketing and offering upgraded experiences. One of those is TemTem.

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Deathdeliverer58d ago

Nintendo has got to be PISSED!!! This isn’t just a incredible rip, it looks better than any Pokémon game ever 😂🤣. Nintendo better get Pokémon games with REAL online in the pipeline and FAST. Then with it being true online you SHOULDNT have to get a whole new game just to get some new “Pokémon”. Saves you money vs the Nintendo route.

LiViNgLeGaCY58d ago

Yeah, this looks REALLY good. By far the best clone I've seen of it yet.

Teflon0258d ago

I've played through it and I was thinking the same in a way. I genuinely enjoyed it more than Sword and it's not even finished. I did buy the PC version and only play an hour. That was before all the features though. So got on PS5 before I realized it was crossplay and said F it I'll just play on it. Games got the old school charm as well as feeling fresh, especially if you actually play with someone like I did with my cousin and talk to people in game etc. This is what Sword and Shield should have been more like imo. I didn't mind things like the Wild area, but it felt like a mess and legit the first island in Temtem feels as big as all the routes for most of Sword put together, you just move alot faster.

It's hands down the best clone because it really made itself feel similar without feeling like a cheap knockoff and does so much that I only wish Pokemon would do. I'm hoping this will finally push GameFreak because I feel the only issue with them is having no worry of competition. Games in the same Genre don't usually get much attention, like Digimon, Nexomon etc. Ni no Kuni 1 did get attention but was only similar in monster catching game but was still an authentic JRPG.

Just hope this game does great and gains alot of attention when it finally releases on Switch and Xbox too

Neonridr58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

if this one sells 10% of a mainline pokemon game I'd be surprised. Good for them, but they are no real threat to Pokemon. Let's not kid ourselves here.

That being said, it definitely gives you an idea of what Gamefreak "could" do with a game if they actually put a ton of effort in. So therefore I agree in that I hope it pushes them to be better for future games.

I also backed this on Kickstarter, so I'm not hating on the game, I'm a supporter of it. I do hope it sells well.

Deathdeliverer58d ago


Threats don’t come over night. They build up over time. Nintendo needs to come out with a REAL ONLINE, as next gen as possible ( not by Nintendo standards, but everyone else’s) and evolutionized Pokémon game ever. PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC are a LOT of potential customers. If this small spark catches and turns to fire you never know what could happen.

Neonridr58d ago

@Deathdeliverer - I agree, there is huge potential here. Hell Gamefreak could buy these guys and get them to work on a real pokemon game as their next project seeing as they have demonstrated real talent here.

I hope I'm wrong as success would force Gamefreak (not Nintendo) to make a better game.