Should Levolution Return in the Next Battlefield Game?

Should the Battlefield 4 Levolution feature return in this year's Battlefield game?

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excaliburps96d ago

I'd much prefer Levolution return than see Behemoths, and other gimmicks be announced. This one affected gameplay without being annoying.xD

Nitrowolf296d ago

it was one of the cooler things tbh, but I'd like it to evolve more. I still want full destruction though

Teflon0296d ago

If they can get destruction to be more like Bad company 2 but with levolution then hell yes

Hikoran96d ago

Yes. Bring back those 'Only in Battlefield' moments we used to talk about, how you'd drop out of a jet, RPG a helicopter, land on a tank and kamakaze with C4..all in one life. Stop trying to be the Call of Duty fighter and go your own route.

UnholyLight95d ago

RIGHT?! That was the secret sauce that made Battlefield games so enjoyable. The silly, yet amazing moments you could create.

RAVEN8196d ago

No just full distractibility!

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The story is too old to be commented.