The Medium Interview - Bloober Team on Exclusivity, Ray Tracing Support

Wccftech interviewed Bloober Team to pry out some additional tidbits on The Medium, the upcoming psychological horror game due later this month. The developers talked about the PC/Xbox exclusivity deal, as well as ray tracing support (and NVIDIA DLSS on PC, too).

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Nyxus58d ago

Huh, I wasn't aware this was a timed exclusive.

TGGJustin58d ago

Bloober Team's games always are. Multiple of them have launched on Xbox first and came to other platforms later. Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, etc. I wouldn't be surprised to see this on PS5 by the end of the year.

CaptainHenry91658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Of course it is. Small developer's needs all the money they can get. I'm glad they're supporting Nvidia DLSS

StoneyYoshi58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Anytime you see MS announce a game with "Console LAUNCH exclusive". It means it's only exclusive at launch on their console but It'll come out later on others.

A good majority of the games shown off in may and june are console launch exclusives.

DeadManMMX58d ago

Correction you see anytime you see "console launch exclusive" or "first on PlayStation" or a trailer that doesn't explicitly say only on *insert system*. By now we all know the buzz phrases. They either say those or they say nothing at all and it's talked about later. Why these interviewers ask these questions when they know the developers can't say anything other then the same stock answer is beyond me.

AngelicIceDiamond58d ago

It isn't

"The game is coming to Xbox and PC in January, and we’re not currently concentrating on any other platforms."

not sure what ppl are talking about. Maybe down the line it'll hit the PS5 (I don't see why not) it seems to be a permanent console exclusive though.

Nyxus58d ago

"The bottom line is that we’re really excited to be launching The Medium as one of the first Xbox Series X|S titles.

The game is coming to Xbox and PC in January, and we’re not currently concentrating on any other platforms."

That sounds to me like it's coming to other platforms later, but we'll see.

CaptainHenry91658d ago (Edited 58d ago )

@AngelicIceDiamond @Nyxus
They said the same thing about the Blair Witch project and that released on another platform. Can you blame them they need to make their money too in this pandemic 🤔 more platforms makes sense unless Microsoft acquires and buys them 💰

AngelicIceDiamond58d ago

I think so I don't see why not. This is only first tier Next gen title. It's showing first tier next gen feature (SSD, limited RT /graphical effects) that'll only deepen as the years go on from developers through out the gen. Keeping a game exclusive of this caliber is pointless, it needs to be on everything.

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mattheturk57d ago

Nothing is forever especially the exclusivity.