Nintendo Acquires Next Level Games, Developer of Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo has acquired Next Level Games, the developer of Luigi's Mansion 3 that launched for the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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Jin_Sakai702d ago (Edited 702d ago )

Great news! Very talented Studio. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was amazing.

How about a new Wave Race or even help out Retro with MP4 development. Whatever they do I’m sure it will be great.

phoenixwing701d ago (Edited 701d ago )

nintendo finally decides to add to their studios. They're making bucket loads of money they should at least buy two more studios or create them. at least now I can expect more exclusives that will make it worth owning a switch/nintendo console

Anyways, good job nintendo.

Edit: if their next game is a rpg i'll be even happier

Whitey2k701d ago

Good news grab it be4 Microsoft grabs it

TheColbertinator701d ago

Nintendo adding more firepower for the years to come after the success of the Switch.