Watching Young Kratos in God of War Is a Bit Jarring to See

Watch a young Kratos interact with boy and more in God of War 2018! Prepare to be a bit weirded out though.

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sourOG168d ago

Whoever replaced Kratos’ epic beard with those hipster chin pubes needs to be strung up.

Tiqila168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

Best version of Kratos has no beard.


sourOG168d ago

No beard is better than the Tom Selleck porn stash in that video. But no, it’s not better than epic beard kratos.

lellkay168d ago

I'm gonna say no, the beard is way more badass

168d ago
Sunny_D168d ago

I love beard Kratos but the no beard Kratos looks badass as well. Honestly, it gives me Darth Maul vibes who is another badass.


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Freshnikes168d ago

Wtf is this? ( so disrespectful )