Psychonauts 2 Will Be Coming This Year

The long-awaited sequel to cult classic Psychonauts is doing just fine and will be here by the end of 2021. Finally, some good news!

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rlow159d ago

Really looking forward to this game.

Zeref59d ago

I think the financial boost that they got delayed this game.
There's gonna be a lot more content from the get go now that they're part of Microsoft.

I hope the game will be a huge success

NecrumOddBoy59d ago

This is releasing on PS4/5 which is interesting since we are gauging the exclusivity status of these games now under the Microsoft umbrella.

TheRealTedCruz59d ago

You can't really go by the first few games being released under the MS banner. MS has made a point to honor deals had prior to that developer's acquisition.
This had a crowdfunding campaign where it was sold as a multiplatform title, therefore you're going to see it on more than Xbox/PC.

BattleCat58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Jo . But ms has no honor .) There would be a lawsuit against them, if they would try to break the mp deal.

TheRealTedCruz58d ago


You're highly overreacting.
They chose not to buy out the contracts.

NeoGamer23258d ago

I am not sure MS would be too concerned about breaking contracts when they acquire a studio. They just look at the $100 billion they have of cash on hand and there is not a single gaming lawsuit that could even count as a dent in that cash.

I think their stance to honor contracts is three-fold. 1) They can make money from all these games shipping on other platforms and that helps pay for the buy outs. 2) The studios themselves pour a lot of sweat into making games on all the platforms already and telling them to just drop a platform would be demoralizing to the teams at a time where they are really concerned because of the buy outs. 3) Whoever the contract is with it makes sense to honor it as MS is a Windows and XB platform holder and inevitably whatever publisher or backer for the game could be looking at shipping other games on the platforms. Disenfranchising them could cost them games in the future. But, honoring the contracts makes them the "good partner" that they would want to work with.

Look at Wasteland 3 as an example. with Deep Silver publishing it. I doubt Deep Silver would've waited and poured the money MS poured into inXile to up the production quality of the game. Instead Deep Silver got a good pay out probably with GamePass Day One and was able to ship the game on other platforms for sale, which would probably be gravy. Plus, they got to say they published a good quality game. You can think that if Deep Silver needs another platform partner they will be considering MS seriously because of this.

Rocosaurus58d ago

Loved the first one. I have high hopes for the sequel.

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