Is It Worth Buying a PS Vita in 2021?

Sammy Baker: "Is it worth buying a PS Vita in 2021? Sony’s well-liked handheld may have been a commercial flop, but it continues to retain an engaged audience almost a decade after its original Japanese release. So, what is it like playing a PS Vita in 2021? Are there any upcoming PS Vita games worth paying attention to? And is the console cost-effective as it edges towards retro status? As part of this PS Vita guide, we’ll be looking at all of the aspects of playing with the portable in 2021 and beyond, including hardware availability, game prices, and more."

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Knightofelemia1064d ago

Yes the Vita has a decent library behind it, also good if you're a collector and even better if you're a modder.

mikeslemonade1064d ago

No. How come there's a vita blog like every 2 months?

MTVBG1064d ago

Maybe because it has a decent library behind it and it's also good if you're a collector and even better if you're a modder.

FinalFantasyFanatic1063d ago

The thing that kills me is the memory cards, I would be tempted to get quite a few games if it wasn't for the price of those things.

SyntheticForm1063d ago

Feels like this is a daily article almost.

1064d ago
BenRC011064d ago

There's so many android retro handhelds now for well under $100 that will run everything dreamcast and earlier without any silly modding and with a much better ui

Abnor_Mal1064d ago

I guess we really need to rehash this question every couple of months. Yes the Vita is still worth having/buying.

Profchaos1064d ago

It's an ok library but it's strength seems to be in the homebrew community that keep this thing alive

Magic_Spatula1064d ago

Buy one, mod it. Get more than your money's worth. I bought one Day 1. Modded it last year. Looking to get a Japanese colored model at some point.

Sirk7x1064d ago

Came here to say the same. Very easy to mod, and one of the best handhelds to do so with.

gold_drake1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

why are we still talking about this lol. buy one if you want one.

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Why didn't the PS Vita get more love again?

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darthv72299d ago

Not sure if the Nomad and Express should be on this list. Meaning that while they were portable, they didn't have their own games and instead relied on the same games the console hardware used. Neo Geo pocket, Lynx, Vita... those are dedicated handhelds with their own software library.

If criteria is simply to just allow for handheld gaming then the supaboy should be on there as well.

cthulhucultist299d ago

While that is true, Nomad was an amazing handheld which I greatly enjoyed, and holds a special place in my heart.

I would definitely include it in this list.

I remember connecting it to my tv and playing Vector Man and Comix Zone and I was astounded by the fact that this was a handheld device

TheEnigma313299d ago

The Nomad should have never been made, that big cartridge on the back. Sega was throwing out money. I thought the Lynx was solid. I never knew about the Turbo express though


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DS: Hacking a PS Vita has never been so easy.

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anubusgold333d ago

Why is this news if sony doesnt want it get out of the way and let modders make games for it. There are people still making games for sega dreamcast and genesis if you abandon something dont be a ahole when someone else tries to support it. Thats like some deadbeat dad coming back after 20 years and yelling at the man that raised him thats my son leave him alone lol.