Unlock Shin Akuma in Street Fighter: Alpha 2

After 25 years, a modder finally figured out how to unlock Shin Akuma in Street Fighter: Alpha 2 on the SNES. Learn how here!

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53d ago
Gaming4Life198153d ago

shin akuma was lord. I was on alpha 2 on snes all day when i was younger, classic gaming never dies.

Z50153d ago

Alpha 2 wasn't on snes.

PurpHerbison53d ago

"The SNES version was also released in 1996. Since third-party publishers such as Capcom were increasingly concentrating on CD-based consoles, outside of Japan this version was published by Nintendo instead of Capcom.["

godashram53d ago

Someone didn't read the article.... Alpha 1 and 3 were not on the SNES, Alpha 2 was. I own a copy from a rental store :)

Shuckylad53d ago

Anyone else remember how good Alpha 2 was on the Saturn?

LightofDarkness53d ago

I had it on PS, but it remains tied with 3rd Strike as my favourite SF of all time. Never got the attraction to Alpha 3.

Z50153d ago

Yea, Saturn had the best 2D arcade ports. Dreamcast was no slouch either.