Microsoft calls for Xbox drifting lawsuit to be taken out of court

Microsoft has called for a class-action lawsuit over ‘drifting’ Xbox controllers to be taken out of the courtroom, by compelling arbitration.

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Knightofelemia1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

Nintendo is arguing that Switch Joy-Con drift “isn’t a real problem or hasn’t caused anyone any inconvenience”, according to US law firm CSK&D, which is working to pursue a class action lawsuit through the arbitration process.

Um yes it does cause an incovenience I played Breath of the Wild with a Switch Pro Controller I put the controller down thumb sticks up and Link walks by himself you telling me its the wind in game moving Link around. Or is it a ghost who haunts my house simply wanted to try out Breath of the Wild. Shitty part is I bought a new Xb1 controller got joystick drift three months after getting the controller Microsoft gave me a new controller. Nintendo wants $40 to ship the controller to them to get it fixed so I traded the controller in.

You design the friggin thing, you built the friggin thing, you knew there were flaws but you sent it out the door. You don't want to take responsibility and admit you f*cked up you would rather sweep it under the rug and hope it disappears. I am glad these court cases are happening if this is what it takes to make you admit you f*cked up then let it continue. I hate it when companies won't own up and admit we f*cked up and I really hate it when a company no matter who it is makes it sound like it's your own fault that things have happened.

Neonridr1003d ago

Valve had some big problems with their Index controllers and drift as well. I haven't heard about as much with XB1 controllers, or even Pro controllers for that matter (I have 2 myself that are fine).

jjb19811003d ago

I've been following Valve on this and their Customer service is excellent. They will even send refurbished ones out as they take the broken ones in. Nintendo has repaired 4 Joycons from my boys' Switches free of charge and the process has taken me about 13 days. Microsoft is on a whole 'nother level. They are basically saying that drifting on their controllers doesn't exist just like their first-party titles......Oh Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap son.

Sayai jin1003d ago

Same. My daughter got drift from her Switch controller after 7 or 8 months, my son got stick drift from his dual shock and just a week ago got drift from his dual sense, and I got it on one of my Elite controllers got it as well. The only difference is that Sony and MS sent replacements super fast and free. Nintendo wanted around $35 USD to resolve it.

Knightofelemia1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )


Consider yourself lucky about your pro controllers with no Joystick drift mine happened once the controller was off of warranty. I did the whole calibration multiple times with the controller it would help then Link would start walking by himself again and again. I won't use my Joycons because the tumbsticks are too small for my hands. Any controller can get drift or lack of input I have a Sega Genesis controller the d pad down does not register. The reason why you don't hear about the XB1 controller is probably because people don't complain meaning either Microsoft has offered to replace said controller right away like they did with me. Or not enough people are complaining because the company is not helping them out hence the court cases. Nintendo knows there is an issue but they act like nothing is wrong and everything is normal. They would rather sweep it under the rug and pretend nothing happened. And then once the controller becomes a constant issue they want to take money off the consumer to send in that controller so they can fix it or swap it with a refurbished controller. I have had it where I sat at the dashboard of the Switch or the title screen of the game and it starts tweeking out like a ghost is moving the options up and down constantly. Nintendo knows people will turn around and buy another poorly designed controller off the store shelf. If my soldering skills were better I would order the part off of Ebay and fix it myself. I have fixed controllers before like swapping out the RB button on the Xb1 controller and I have also swapped out thumbsticks on the OG Xbox controller. I have also fixed the ghosting effect the Dualshock 3 is known to get where the controller tweaks out as well but that is due to constant use.

Neonridr1003d ago

@Knightofelemia - take it for what it is. I still have two launch sets of joycons with no drift. I have heard plenty of problems with the joycons, usually down the size of the controllers. I just don't hear as much about drift in the larger controllers I guess. Perhaps they are less frequent.

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gamer78041003d ago

I’ve had two switch controllers with drift and I only have 5, I have 11 Xbox controllers and none have had drift in fact all of them still work fine. I have heard of rare cases of the xbox controllers doing it but I don’t think it’s widespread

Ausbo1003d ago

Not sure about the lawsuit, but I’ve had multiple issues with my elite 2 controller. I’m already on my 3rd one. 1 had the bumpers go, and the second had stick drift issues. As great as the controller is, it has build quality issues for sure.

BenRC011003d ago ShowReplies(2)
Freshnikes1003d ago

Why do you keep buying the same controller? ( if it keeps giving you problems )

Ausbo1003d ago

Cause it’s the best controller I’ve ever used when it works

Freshnikes1003d ago

Listen to yourself. ( when it works ) you sound like a kid. So ima give you some advice. DO NOT support bad products, bad companies, bad relationship, bad ideas, just move on to something better, reliable, dependable, use this in life as well ( have a good day )

Sayai jin1003d ago

Same. I had one of bumpers go as well and the little green slider for trigger adjustment fell of and can't be put back on. I got a new one sent in 2 days. Still a bit frustrating for a premium controller.

RazzerRedux1003d ago

Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. No issues with my Elite Series 2. Knock on wood

Orbilator1003d ago

Judging by the down votes your getting, people dont like you looking after your controller well and avoiding all the problems the hashy lot have :)

RazzerRedux1002d ago

lol....let the downvotes come. I don't care. I love my Elite Series 2.

SheenuTheLegend1003d ago

i have issues with some dualshock 4 controllers too, the thing happens if some dust goes in the analog even on a new controller.

demonseye1003d ago

never had this issue with a Dualshock 4. I did have in the very start the analog sticks, the rubber would start ripping but that's the only real problem I had. all others survived at least 4 years.

SheenuTheLegend1003d ago

i completely agree with you, i am a retailer myself for Sony in my country. Not all controllers get the problem but many.
some people just rotate it way too hard and the plastic of the thumb cap reaches the analog and cause drifting or stuttering (in many games not all).
it would be way better for all of us if all companies come really upto the mark with controller quality. there is a lot of room for improvement in the area.

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Orbilator1003d ago

I think it's people treating there controllers bad, 37 years gaming and zero stick drift, ever.

Rude-ro1003d ago

The DualShock 4 did have an issue.. but it was Bluetooth related. Ie a player would have to address it by rebooting the controller and or system. This was announced by Sony long before the pro was released and why Sony added wired playing when they released the pro.
Anything after that would usually be player related.
Stick drift is not caused by dust to the level that the elite controllers are having issues.
It is an electronics issue.
The fact that both versions of the elite are having these issues and is being ignored by Microsoft is why a suit was filed.

Saying something in a comment section does not negate the huge amount of complaints of known users of the elite controller

Nor does anything related to Sony change this fact.

“Well Sony had an issue so it’s ok” mentality is laughable.

If it was wide spread on the PS4... funny that Sony is not in court trying to get any suits over it thrown out of court yet Microsoft is.

Silly gameAr1003d ago

Well, the dualshock doesn't cost $100 plus.

Neonridr1003d ago

the only issue I ever had on one of my Dualshocks was the left trigger got depressed and then stuck. I have to resort to opening it to free it somehow.

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Tacoboto1003d ago

My Elite Series 2 seems fine - except the left stick clicks oddly when aiming down than up. My Series S controller is fine except a mushier right bumper than the left.
I've sent opposing sides of different pairs of Joycons in for drift. A third is acting kinda weird after playing through Age of Calamity recently.
But all of my PS controllers are flawless ;)

Companies should not be allowed to have service agreements preventing these lawsuits when they knowingly sell products that are consistently defective. I expect some levels of off-ness like my Xbox controllers, but the joycons don't lie and I don't doubt Xbox is immune from it based on what're different with mine