F-Zero GX Producer, Toshihiro Nagoshi Open to Returning to the Series

It's been seventeen years since the last entry in the F-Zero franchise. While he's known for his work on the Yakuza series now, F-Zero veteran Toshihiro Nagoshi is open to returning to the Nintendo series if given the chance.

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Neonridr166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

we need a new F-Zero. GX was incredible on the Gamecube.

FallenAngel1984166d ago

Nintendo used to have various racing franchises coexisting

Now all they care about is Mario Kart

Nyxus166d ago

They haven't even made a new Mario Kart for the Switch, which is a bit disappointing.

FallenAngel1984165d ago

Sad when mobile devices get more new Mario Kart content than the one on their current console

Tiqila165d ago

That would be sad if it was the case

TheColbertinator165d ago

F-Zero is welcome to return any time

Tiqila165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Anytime! I'm in!

Kubark165d ago

I still have my copy of F-Zero. I still have my Game Cube for that matter. Haven't played this game since, oh man, early 2000s. The feeling of speed I got from playing that game was like nothing else at the time.

MetroidFREAK21165d ago

A way for me to spend $60 on this franchise again. Remaster GX with 1080p visuals and add 30 player online multi-player... thats it