Star Citizen Shatters Its Crowdfunding Record Again in 2020; Passes $340 Million

Star Citizen's crowdfunding campaign has been unstoppable pretty much since the beginning, and 2020 was no exception.

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Orbilator61d ago

Does anyone, why are these stories not flagged as spam ? So many of them tell us how much money they've extorted from poor individuals. This is just a basic copy and paste article with the number increased.

anubusgold61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Nahh i enjoyed the 2 years rust was in beta more than the retail version they changed the whole map and best resource gathering areas and made all my beta play worthless i quit the game when it actually came out.

xTonyMontana61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

^^^ There is no retail version or complete version for that matter.

anubusgold61d ago

@xTonyMontana There is a final release version you know what i mean you dick.

RazzerRedux61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Why? Because a large community of gamers are enjoying a game and are willing to fund its continued development? It is their money. Why do you care?


Explain this scam? People are playing the game knowing the game development is ongoing. How are they being scammed?

Redlife2g61d ago

Because it's a scam and your "community" is setting the precident for this nonsense to happen again. 10 years of development with no end in sight...

RazzerRedux61d ago

All these downvotes from people who cannot explain the "scam".


Orbilator61d ago

Really think it's just you that rushes to the defence of this game, ok we get it, they took you for a ride and you paid lots into it and now you just can't bring yourself to admit the obvious but hey ho. I'm sure you'll be on every single far critezen post

Tech561d ago (Edited 61d ago )

duplicate post

RazzerRedux61d ago


Hilarious that you are making this about me and yet you still cannot explain the "scam". I could pass judgement on your spending on games as well. Couldn't I? Difference is I don't care what your choices are. No idea why you are obsessed with mine. Perhaps you should get over yourself.

Bobertt61d ago

People believe It's a ponzi scam. There were reports from some guy who was hired to work on it in 2013 and he said money was wasted and went into marketing instead of the game. It has been in development for so long and will never be finished because people keep funding them. They see how lucrative it is even when it's still in beta so they keep adding features to get the people who have sunk money into it excited and to attract more people with the marketing hype of it having raised so much money. More money will come in and they will promise more stuff to string you along and it will continue until people get fed up. By this time they would have gotten rich and will just release a game that is so outdated and say sorry we were in over are heads and walk away with the money and ignore the backlash. You can check this article for the report.

FPSFox61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

It's very simple why people hate on those that support this title, and that's because you're encouraging this type of monetization strategy that makes most throw up in their mouth. You sound like one of the many that didn't mind people buying loot-boxes in Overwatch when the concept was new only for them to now infest many titles.

the game has been in development for nearly a decade with one of the largest budgets in history, all given by the people, and there's no release date in sight.

There are DLC ships that costs hundreds, and even thousands of dollars.

As far as people calling 'scam'. They call it a scam because most believe this title's development is intentionally being dragged out in order to milk more money from people. If they'd released this game 5 years ago, there's no way it would've achieved this level of financial success on sales alone. Popularity would've dried up, and they'd need to start a new project.

I don't care what your opinions are on this game, single pieces of DLC costing hundreds of dollars IS bad for the industry and should no be supported. Developers also happily taking people's money for nearly 10 years and still can't give a firm release date is also bad for the industry, and should not be supported. The day when all of the coolest / best things a game has to offer are locked behind price tags that exceed the base game's cost? That's the day I give up on this hobby, or just pirate the s**t out of everything with absolutely no remorse.

Abriael61d ago

@FPSFox: And that's how you prove beyond reasonable doubt that you don't know what you're talking about. Nothing is locked behind anything. Ships aren't DLC you need to pay for to have. They can all be purchased with credits you earn in-game simply by playing. All you need is a starter that costs as much as any game. Once you got that, you have access to everything.

anubusgold61d ago

@Redlife2g paying for online play forever is a scam. There is no reason to pay to play online even a toaster can get online with no special help. Microsoft and sony put a coin slot on a toilet is what they did they are full of crap.

Godmars29061d ago

"They can all be purchased with credits you earn in-game simply by playing. All you need is a starter that costs as much as any game."

And that's a head scratcher. If there's enough game to earn in-game credits, if there's a starter that costs as much as any game, how isn't it in some form of releasable state? Why do most who are outside mostly see what amounts to ads and ship porn rather than in game multiplayer events? Where are the "life as a smuggler" lets plays?

RazzerRedux61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


A ponzi scheme promises a return on investment in an enterprise that actually doesn't exist. How is that even relevant to a video game where people are actually playing the game they are paying for? Remember, SC only requires a one time payment of $45 and they are getting more content that most AAA games that cost $60.


"Why do most who are outside mostly see what amounts to ads and ship porn rather than in game multiplayer events? Where are the "life as a smuggler" lets plays?"

Because they are not even bothering to look.

Orbilator61d ago

We'll stop trying to tell us the reasons it's ok to rob people legally.
It's you that spends days in here trying to justify every negative comment, and every single comment on multiple threads etc etc
Only one person that needs to get over themselves and it ain't me.......

RazzerRedux61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


blah blah just got even more boring somehow by repeating the same shit over and over again. Continuing to make it about me because you damn sure cannot speak intelligently about SC.

Fine. Be ignorant and enjoy your mob.

SmokinAces60d ago

"You just repeat what you see others post, don't you?"

Ironic coming from the guy who keeps repeating whatever Abriael says. You've never had an original thought in your life, I'm betting. You just go with the crowd every time, don't you? How sad.

RazzerRedux60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Hilarious and incredibly ironic that you just copied my words directly while we are talking about copying from others. And you are wrong regardless. I was the first to respond to SC detractors in this article. I didn't have to wait on Abriael for anything. And some of our points are similar as we obviously agree on the subject, but hardly a copy and paste of a single concrete point. No....that is all you and only you. I mean....that was blatant theft.

You've still yet to make a salient point on your own. Just go back to screaming "scam citizen" over and over again and try not to bogart intellect from others, no matter how silly it is.

aceloth60d ago


Not sure where you got your definition of a Ponzi scheme, but it’s wrong. The enterprise can actually exist, and be a Ponzi scheme...just watch a few episodes of American Greed :-/ Also as a reference look up Bernie Madoff

SmokinAces60d ago

Point is you do the same thing so stop your finger pointing.

Ok, Scam Citizen, Scam Citizen, Scam Citizen.

I'll let you know when you've commented with something intellectual enough worth bogarting bud. No offensive but when it comes to this perpetual alpha test disguised as a "game" I wont hold my breath.

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WelkinCole61d ago

Not surprise if this is due to Mark being popular lately

Tech561d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@ RazzerRedux

I'm guessing until star citizen and Squadron 42 receive console ports they will continue to be ignored and be viewed as scams.

much like cyberpunk and black desert online, the console community understood very little of these titles roadblocks. not until their platforms were inducted into their communities. then from the inside they can see what's going on.

star citizen in particular is a online game which also offers a subscription - "Monthly subscriptions are also available for those who want to enjoy a deeper level of insight into the development process and receive additional goodies and discounts."

star citizen and Squadron 42 are two separate projects.
backers of Squadron 42 are pushing for a completed game of quality and have been intentionally slowing the project down for "perfection". this must be made clear, the community intentionally wants the project to slowly progress to reach quality. the community has been very verbal about it. since the last few weeks. if you are a part of their community.

cerpintaxt4461d ago

what a joke. stop funding this you morons

Battlestar2361d ago

Abriael has to keep posting this spam. He is helping fund this 'game' so he has to try to get his moneys worth by spamming these articles. Notice how he never posts updates for other crowdfunding games only this one.

Abriael61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


Just an example among many. Try again?

Just because you're salty that this game you obviously and irrationally hate has a large community that supports it (and knows about it much better than you do), it doesn't mean a *gaming* site should not write about a *game*'s progress. Without quotation marks, mind you, because anyone who has tried it knows that this is more a proper game already than many that are way past their release.

SmokinAces61d ago

Its not surprising that people defending it sound very much like people who defend cults, remember Scientologists have invested huge sums of money into that as well so the behavior is not unique its a mindset that has been instilled and groomed by the individual or individuals who created the cult or in Scam Citizens case the financial scam. Chris Roberts day of reckoning will come when the many law suits begin.

Abriael61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@SmokinAces: funny that you'd say that, because most people who bash star citizen have never tried it for a second, have never been interested in it, or simply don't have a platform to run it (and they're envious of any game they can't have, which appears to be the norm in console-centric circles). People who defend it, usually have played it or play it regularly, so they know quite a lot better what it offers.

- People who bash star citizen: Usually never played it. Actually know nothing about it. Bash it irrationally out of preconceptions and hearsay, or in the best-case scenario have tried it years ago and their experience is completely out of date.
- People who defend it: Play it. Have fun with it. Know full well what it offers and are up to date in what progress it has made.

Now, who is the cult? 😂

RazzerRedux61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

"Its not surprising that people defending it sound very much like people who defend cults, remember Scientologists..."

Did you just seriously take that line from dfooster?

"Most people who have donated are in so deep financially they have convinced themselves its legitimate. A bit like scientology."

You just repeat what you see others post, don't you? You've never had an original thought in your life, I'm betting.

You just go with the crowd every time, don't you? How sad.

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lockedongamer161d ago

I don't get why this game is getting so much funding. It's crazy to me.

Longadog61d ago

too many gullible idiots on the pc side of gaming

Abriael61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

It's pretty easy, actually. No other game offers the same things (Elite Dangerous does to an extent, but it doesn't fill the same niche) and they're things a lot of people want.
It also appeals to many that are into flight simulators, who have been used for decades to pay $20 for a single airport or up to $100+ for an aircraft, so they don't balk as much at the idea as the average gamer. For many, it's more a full-fledged hobby than a single game, and people are willing to spend a lot for their hobbies.

cerpintaxt4461d ago

well at least you can play those other games

Abriael61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@cerpintaxt44: those who have pledged can play Star Citizen as well. It's not complete, but it's certainly very playable.

For example, I can objectively do more things in Star Citizen than I can in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Not saying that MSFS is bad. I love it, but if you compare, Star Citizen is certainly more of a game even with its current feature set.

SmokinAces61d ago

"No other game offers the same things"

Not so much a "game" as much as a perpetual alpha test for those who spend absorbent amounts of money. I have to hand to Chris Roberts he figured out a way to use people to alpha test his game forever and pay him to do it, he's a genius.

franwex61d ago

Seriously how??

I am legit serious-If you have given money to this game I would love to know why? Do you play this regularly? Is it fun, interesting, you regret it? I’m trying to understand.

RazzerRedux61d ago

Abriael wrote an article about this.

And there are plenty of youtube videos showing game play.

franwex61d ago

Thanks, I saw. But I was hoping to get a perspective from people here.

Dfooster61d ago

Most people who have donated are in so deep financially they have convinced themselves its legitimate. A bit like scientology.

Shane Kim61d ago

I think so too. It's shameful to accept that you're wrong.

TheColbertinator61d ago

Richest gaming studio that has yet to release a game. Now that is impressive.