Crysis Remastered Review - A Lackluster Upgrade | TwistedVoxel

Crysis Remastered is a missed opportunity for a cult-classic to rejuvenate on modern platforms. It suffers from plenty of issues.

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DFresh62d ago

That game ran horribly on PS4 Pro.
Textures, Lighting, A.I, Controls, Input Lag and so forth we’re all horrible.
I regret spending $30 to play this game.

Battlestar2362d ago

It runs quite good on the PS5 the frame-rate is nearly perfect it still has that slight lag at enemy checkpoints but they can iron that out.

DFresh62d ago

Perhaps I’ll give it another shot when and if I can even get a PS5.
Scalpers are getting out of hand.

Yui_Suzumiya62d ago

How's it run on Switch? I'm curious because I'm interested in getting it for that.

DFresh62d ago

I’m not sure.
I would guess about the same but with a slight resolution drop to account for getting a decent frame rate.

Ninver62d ago

Aged like leftover cabbage. I remember the gameplay being extremely average yet it received high scores based of the graphics.