Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition Could Potentially Release On Switch Next Month

According to the Nintendo Japan site, 2018’s Kingdom Come: Deliverance will release for Switch on February 21 (the same month it was released two years earlier).

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Vits123d ago

That will be interesting. Kingdom Come is a somewhat heavy game and not that well optimized.

Spenok122d ago

Them dropping Cryengine is one of the things I REALLY hope they do. It's a wonderful game under all the unoptimized...ness.

Vits121d ago

Yeah, they are not going to change engines just for a Switch port. That is not happening.

Spenok121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant dropping it for the sequel they're (unofficially announced but it's been all but announced) working on.

RaidenBlack123d ago

Random N.Switch_victim: "Don't even think about it. Its barely 2021 and not in the mood for any explosion. Install BoTW, again."

instantstupor122d ago

Given it was listed on the Japanese Nintendo site, it makes me think this might be another one of their "cloud" releases. I cannot imagine this game running well natively on Switch, but I'd be interested to see how that would look if they do lol.

Spenok122d ago

That's likely the most probable case.