Xbox Game Pass Will Remove Four Games In January 2021

Microsoft has updated the official Xbox Game Pass app to add the list of games that will be leaving the service later this month.

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Deathdeliverer991d ago

Dang. This is the bad thing about gamepass. (and any rental service) I play Tekken 7 on PS5/4. I get my series X and start rampage on the unsuspecting souls thanks to gamepass. Now those days are over because I’m NOT buying it again. I wish it was like a GameFly type of deal. Limit the amount of games you can have downloaded at any one time and as long as you keep the subscription you can keep that game as one of your 5 or 10 game download limit, even if it’s off the list. If you remove it and it’s off the list, you obviously can’t redownload. It would eliminate that whole “damn i gotta rush” feeling I suddenly have when thinking of “yes your highness, Star Wars Jedi, and planet Coaster”. I have too many systems and games to play to be rushed on any of them.

Ausbo991d ago

You shouldn’t have to rush for Jedi fallen order because that will indefinitely be a part of EA play

Deathdeliverer991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Well that’s great news.

I buy all my games on all my systems except Xbox. Gamepass is a “why not?” kind of thing considering the cost of gold. It’s not too much more for ultimate so... basically it’s kind of a cheap price of admission for all of Microsoft’s first party games. As far as I know those games WONT leave gamepass. If I’m going to actually BUY a game it’ll be on PS5 / Switch/ or a TRUE Xbox exclusive (not timed & won’t see the light of day on anything else.) Those I’ll buy. Hell, I tried nier on gamepass and bought it on the current PlayStation sale.

GamerRN990d ago


Well that doesn't makes sense since all true exclusives are available on GamePass indefinitely. None that were added have been removed, so I'm curious why you'd only buy those games of you have GamePass

jeromeface991d ago

You know what else eliminates that gotta rush feeling? Buying games, not renting them.

Eidolon991d ago (Edited 991d ago )

Hardly renting when they're on the services for months or over a year. You can beat them, they give you enough warning. I would say it's worth not buying them. You are saving $100s. Some people don't have the kinda money to be spending on every game that sounds interesting. GamePass is just an outlet. No one is waiting for the game they've been wanting to play to show up.. And if it does, it's there for quite a while. Only game here I had any interest in playing is My Friend Pedro, I can probably beat it in a few days. I'm not trying to get the best bang outta my buck here, will just try to have fun.

CaptainHenry916990d ago


Believe me that money adds up in the long run for any streaming service. Especially if you don't use it that much

crazyh0rse991d ago

you can purchase the game at a discount before it leaves gamepass

Eidolon991d ago

That's how they get you.

Rude-ro990d ago

$15 a month.. you better act fast to say “discount”

DEEHULK88991d ago

The game is on sale $11.99 as we speak and has been on gamepass for a long long long time.

thornintheside991d ago

Ms already stated, Games are on gamepass for 1 year year at a time.

It's about as dang as the info that the sun will rise tomorrow

Tedakin990d ago

Yeah but N4G has to overreact everytime a game leaves gamepass in order to try to bring down the service. I don't see the same hype when a huge game is added like Control last month.

SoloFish991d ago

If in the UK the Ultimate version is £15.49 on CD keys. Soul Calibur is a similar price too.

991d ago
gamer7804990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Xbox and ea games will be on there for a long time. Yes third party games can leave when the deal is up, but the games that are leaving later this month are dirt cheap and have been on there a while. Can even get a small discount if you think the game is worth buying, on the off chance this ever happens to me if I like I game and I’m not done. I have no problem giving a little money to the devs.

DJStotty990d ago


You do know that when games are leaving gamepass, you can buy them for a discounted price right?

Gaming4Life1981990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Their is no bad thing about gamepass its just not, you get to play a large amount of games for a small monthly fee. Tekken 7 has been on gamepass a while now and has been consistently on sale for less than 20 with season pass 1 & 2. If it was a must have on xbox then you should have bought it like you did on ps, if not then just continue playing on ps.

The games that come to gamepass are on their for months and months so if you dont get your feel out of them thats on you. I never feel rushed to play anything on gamepass because i dont just download games to take up hard drive space i actually play them.

I too own every system and have a massive library of games on every platform including vr. To make sure im finishing games i play one sp game on each until i beat it then move on. Multiplayer games i play all the time on everything because its mp.

SPEAKxTHExTRUTH990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

Such a weak criticism of gamepass. Seem likes you're just complaining for the sake of it. Tekken has been on gamepass forever. You already said you own it on PS so what's the problem? You sound entitled. I was addicted to Ashen when it was on gamepass but when it left I didn't feel cheated is simply bought it at a discount.

Deathdeliverer990d ago


Call it what you want but I’m a fighting game player. Why not play as many people as possible? Get on Xbox and it’s a whole new pool. People lean towards different characters so I got to play different matchups, at the same time I’m not willing to purchase the same game again.

I had no idea. My Xbox one stopped working so I’ve only had ultimate since the series X launch day.

I had no idea of that either. If games are on for a year then I just got in too late for Tekken, but that makes me feel great about Planet Coaster and stuff. They haven’t been on long so I’ll definitely be done with them within 3 months, let alone a year.

DEEHULK88990d ago (Edited 990d ago )

They are having a last chance sale tight now and the game is$9.99 with the ultimate edition being $19.99, so there is no excuse for you not to get it.

irishyort990d ago

Considering Tekken 7 was released 6 years ago, I think I'll get over it.

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kythlyn991d ago

Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In January 2021
FTL: Faster Than Light (PC)
My Friend Pedro (Console, PC)
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet (Console)
Tekken 7 (Console)

akurtz991d ago

All reasons to sub to gamepass..

l33t_haxx0r991d ago

1. Non of them games are worth a sub for.
2. If they where a reason to sub, they are being removed, therefore don't sub?

990d ago
Tacoboto991d ago

My Friend Pedro is a decent 2-3 hour playthrough with solid shooting and controls. It's a pretty stupid story but it doesn't take much for a twin-stick to be worth it for "free" that length.

343_Guilty_Spark990d ago

Happily playing Star Renegades, Gears 5, and Doom Eternal.

Gaming4Life1981990d ago

Never heard of star renegades will check it out today.

343_Guilty_Spark990d ago

Rogue lite game...really good. You will die a lot
Until you understand the battle system but when you do it's amazing

NeoGamer232989d ago

Just finished the Hivebusters Campaign DLC in Gears and it was really good.

Started Doom Eternal as well. It is the best FPS in a while. I can see why it got nominations at the GOTY awards in the first 20 mins of play. Silky smooth engine, realistic environment, and completely addictive FPS gameplay.