The Last Guardian Dev Teases Artwork For New Project In 2021 Greetings Card

The Last Guardian was the first project by genDesign, headed by Fumito Ueda. They are now teasing their new project in a 2021 greetings card.

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Charal97d ago

Great news, Ueda marvelous and melancholic worlds always make me a strong impression.
Let’s hope it will turn unto a real game faster than TLG. One of my gaming goal in 2021 when i will be able to get a PS5 is to spend some time chiling with Trico at 60 fps.

WireMucks97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

you need a physical unpatched version though,.. Really want to play this at 4K 60,.. looks soo damn good,.. Even PS4Pro could not hold 30 locked,.. Cannot wait to get my hands on a PS5 ,.. (hopefully more stock in february) ,.. Ico is still probably the best designed game I've ever seen,..

Spenok95d ago

Why an unpatched version?

96d ago
TheProfessional97d ago (Edited 97d ago )

Last Guardian was simplsitic, overhyped garbage with unresponsive controls and bad level design. Shadow of the Colossus and Ico were better in every way. Don't care what this team is doing next, Last guardian was announced on PS3 and when it finally came out on PS4 it was one of the biggest letdowns on the system. Definitely not worth $60.

TheProfessional96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

I'm sure you'll love this game when/if it comes out on PS6 or 7 then. If you deny that last guardian was overhyped then you're delusional. It was a short, simplistic game and the levels were vast and empty and the trico controls sucked. They announced it on ps3 and when it finally came out on PS4 it didn't even sell that well. I waited for it since it was a PS3 exclusive and it was a massive disappointment.

Last Guardian is an indie game masquerading as a full priced console exclusive.

Tacoboto96d ago

I agree with it being a letdown, but I found some joy in it with the story and the characters.

The chuggy framerate though made the controls feel unresponsive and the camera is the worst camera system I played in the gen.

jukins96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

Who overhyped it though? Ive never seen anyone saying it was gonna be the best game ever. Hell it was basically canceled and revived thanks to yoshida from sony. What it is though is a unique experience with a significant message especially if youve followed uedas interviews and each prior game.

It was a technical mess but itsbfine on ps5 and as I said provided a unique experience. Interesting puzzles a companion that isnt exactly the best listener and an epic adventure.

Nebaku96d ago

The fact you're here at this article is proof you have interest.

Not to mention how unrealistic it is that you say you liked multiple games from them, but a single one you didn't makes them a bad developer forever.

Gameplayer196d ago

The only thing that was overhyped was actually YOU,thinking that you posted such a groundbreaking post.well sorry mister,your point of view didnt make any sense here!!!

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