BREAKING: Jack Thompson Faces Florida Supreme Court Disciplinary Hearing

GamePolitics has learned that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson faces a disciplinary hearing before a referee appointed by the Florida Supreme Court.

The pending judicial review follows a recent recommendation by the Florida Bar that five counts of professional misconduct against Thompson should proceed to the state's high court for action. If the charges are eventually upheld, Thompson could face disciplinary action up to and including disbarment

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ironwolf5715d ago

I hope they slap this miserable excuse for a human of the Bar so hard, he breaks his neck in the fall.

FeralPhoenix5715d ago (Edited 5715d ago )

this guy trolls around the videogame industry looking to make a name for himself when their are alot of child molesters and other "bad guys" he could be going after. He's the type who blames the school if HIS KID got caught cheating....I have 3 kids and if they F-up, I'll take the blame because its my responsibility to teach them right from wrong....NOT the TV, media, internet, or videogames.

Boink5715d ago

such a moron, I hope they fry him:)

calderra5715d ago

Disbarment should be the LEAST of his worries- judges on multiple occasions have threatened to initiate action to disbar him DURING trials. The man needs a psych eval and criminal hearings on how many have been hurt by his gross incompetency.

gogators5714d ago

I didn't know this guy is from my state. Crap, the Florida Judiciary won't do a thing to him. Unless he's really boozing when he makes his absurd comments. We only see lawyers getting busted and disciplined in this state when they have had multiple drug or booze related run-in's.

EdgeNinjaX5714d ago

Jack Thompson is a lunatic and a menace to society. He should not only be barred from practicing law, but have his son taken away from him for his own safety.