PlayStation 5 India Launch Set for February 2, PS5 Pre-Orders Start January 12

PlayStation 5 will be launched in India on February 2 with pre-orders for the PS5 starting from January 12 at 12pm IST. Sony shared the development on Twitter through its PlayStation India account and said that pre-orders will be open till stocks last. The console originally launched in select regions on November 12 and rest of the world (excluding India) on November 19, 2020. It was supposed to have a "late 2020" launch in India but this clearly didn't happen, with stock shortages, BIS certification, and a copyright issue being some of the explanations that were rumoured.

SullysCigar1269d ago

Bittersweet news - I'm pleased for those in India that have waited so patiently, but that means they'll get a portion of the units that could have been used to restock our shelves lol

justsomeoffdude1269d ago

Blame your retailers that don't care about stopping scalpers

MetroidFREAK211269d ago

You'll have plenty of time to get one if you haven't already. Quit being so negative

SullysCigar1269d ago

Okay, not meaning to pick on you, but you guys have collectively taken me way to seriously on this comment. It was a joke - I tried to indicate that with my "lol", but it clearly fell flat. I get that's on me, just setting the record straight! FWIW I have a PS5 and I'm happy for whoever else gets one.

I will now commence my hail Mary's and back lashes lmao!

randomvoice1269d ago

I'm in the USA but fuck this kind of mentality. Gamers have no boundaries. Also, if the units show up at any retailers, the scalpers are gonna get it before normal humans anyways.

SullysCigar1269d ago

Before claiming the moral high ground and judging my mentality, judge your attention to detail and reading comprehension capacities. The comment directly above yours - from 3 hours prior - clarifies my intended meaning for those unable to offer fellow gamers the benefit of the doubt.

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Vits1269d ago

I hope they get a better deal on the consoles than other in development countries. Especially on the digital edition that is at a terrible value in countries like Brazil.

RazzerRedux1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Countries like Brazil need to address their heavy import taxes if they want to see better prices for their consumers.

Vits1269d ago

While that is true. I'm specifically addressing the terrible value proposition of the digital edition. That will cost you about 18% more to buy in the country than if you just import the console yourself. A phenomenon that only happens with that version of the console. The S Series is essentially sold at a loss. Meanwhile the Series X and "PS5 normal" have much more acceptable 6% up cost on average.

And that is aggravated by the fact that Digital version of the games are often more expensive than the physical. Thanks to fewer deals, lack of used market and lack of a Game Pass equivalent - PS Now is not available in the country.

RazzerRedux1269d ago

"I'm specifically addressing the terrible value proposition of the digital edition. "

I think the digital edition is being sold at a more significant loss as it is a full PS5 sans disk drive, but has a $100 lower price tag in other countries. Digital games are obviously subsidizing that low price, but the taxation issues in countries like Brazil make it difficult. The Series S is harder to judge as it is much different than the other models. So not sure how you can come to conclusions as to its relative loss. Either way, I think the culprit here is still high import taxation. Obviously a lot of guessing either way, but it makes sense.

Vits1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I don't think you are understanding.

If you are from Brazil you will end up paying 18% more if you buy the PS5 Digital in the country than if you just import it yourself and pay all the taxes on it. The Series S is essentially sold at a loss because if you try to do the same you will end up paying more than what Microsoft is officially charging in the country. That is why in Brazil the PS5 Digital is just terrible value.

Rambokind1269d ago

$200 cheaper where I am.

RazzerRedux1269d ago

Generally, I'm not disagreeing with you. I'll rephrase the point I am making. I'm saying PS5 DE is sold at a greater loss than the other consoles. I'm not debating that the PS5 DE is a bad value in Brazil because it certainly is. I'm simply saying it is the outlier as cost of manufacturing it versus the XSX and PS5 "normal" is not very much at all. That is why many were surprised that the DE was priced at $100 less than the "normal" version even though the difference was only the cost of a internal bluray drive. So while Sony seemed willing to cut into PS5 "normal" a bit more regardless of the high taxes in Brazil, it seems to me they were simply less willing to do so with DE. And that is why we see the discrepancy in pricing that you are pointing out.

Vits1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

And I'm pointing out that is not caused by taxes. It is caused by Sony using much higher margins in the Digital version than not only the normal one but also any of the other consoles in the market. Hence why I hope that India get a better deal.

RazzerRedux1269d ago

Well no, you are *speculating* that it is not caused by taxes. You would have to actually know what the margins were to begin with to come to any real conclusions. I don't think it is a stretch at all to say that if Sony is breaking even on regular PS5 then they are taking a significant loss on DE.

So what do we know about XSX and XSS in comparison? Absolutely nothing. We are not talking about the removal of a single component. Different internals and entirely different form factor. We can't extrapolate any information at all as to what the margins are for XSS based on XSX even if we knew XSX was breaking even. You are trying to draw parallels between this and PS5 but it just doesn't work. Too different all around.

That doesn't mean you are wrong, but obviously I think you are. Either one of our scenarios (or both) could be totally off the mark as we are both speculating. There just isn't enough data here to come to hard conclusions at all.

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Silly Mammo1269d ago

Congratulations India! You get to join the rest of the world for the shitshow that is the Playstation 5 Launch. I finally got one mid-December, but damn I sure had to hustle for it.

Rambokind1269d ago

I'm still trying to find one! It's been impossible.

Silly Mammo1269d ago

I'd like to give you some advice on how I got one but I think it was just blind luck.

SullysCigar1269d ago

Bullshit, you can get any console easily. You just shouldn't encourage the scalpers.

Silly gameAr1269d ago

If you got one, what are you complaining about? There's still countless people that can't find them shits anywhere. They were not Red E for this launch.

DFresh1269d ago

India: Finally we can get a PS5.
Scalpers: I’m about to end this whole man’s career. (rubs hands 🙌 together)


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romulus235h ago

I mean it's going to happen at some point.

shaenoide4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

Too bad they made it exclusive the hype is over they would have sale this one a l'or on PS5.

mudakoshaka3h ago

A little too late. Seems the game has lost its flare.

NotoriousWhiz1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

The game hasn't lost anything. It's in early access. Which means that players will come and go. Besides that, it has a defined start and end. It's not a live service game. It's not meant to be played forever. It has a fully functional single player game (with optional co-op) that can be added to your collection.


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phoenixwing12h ago

I hope this is true. I have slow internet so playing it natively when streaming doesn't work well would be great