Phil Spencer Is Happy About Modders Earning Money Through Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Although mods have always separated PC Gaming from Consoles, it’s still unclear whether these officially executed mods of Microsoft Flight Simulator will be accessible on Xbox One or not. Spencer also clarified in the podcast that MS Flight Simulator 2020 will join Xbox in 2021.

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BlackIceJoe130d ago

Hopefully this will lead to mods being welcomed on the Xbox Series X.

I think if Microsoft pushes mods on consoles, you'll see a bigger push from the community on having more mods in games and you'll also see more modders making mods, which would be a big win for everyone.

Tacoboto130d ago

Halo MCC's big push into 2021 is to implement mods. Maybe that'll come down to console

TheRealTedCruz130d ago

I don't keep up on gaming news as much as I used to.
Had no idea they were implementing mod tools for the game. That's awesome.

Tacoboto129d ago

343i is one of the more communicative developers; in the most recent dev update they mentioned that they've already completed the EULA for the modding tools.

(That's along with PC getting HDR support, dual key-bindings, console getting more PC features, and that they're planning a full year of seasons that'll all wrap up about when Infinite comes out)

gamer7804130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Agreed loved the mods on Skyrim

Profchaos130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Retrospective on them supporting mods it started with a hardline no stance when unreal tournament 3 tried to introduce user generated content and mods into the game back in the 360 era around 2008 I believe whereas Sony allowed it with the PS3.

They completely flipped that around when fallout 4 and Skyrim tried to bring mods to consoles they allowed it whereas Sony initially didn't then finally allowed some level of mod support provided the assets used in the mods already existed within the games assets basically ensuring they could still control content to an extent. Because of this there's 60 fps mods on series s and X but not ps5 for both these games as examples.

Then to today where they appear to fully support the modding community allowing pretty much everything and anything as long as it doesn't harm other players or impact online services.

This progression shows a huge step in maturity to how they approach game communities.

Ausbo129d ago

Well Xbox used to be run by people who didn’t play games back then.

Sirk7x129d ago

Skyrim on Series X is amazing with mods. Using graphics pack, lighting, AI overhauls, water mods, character replacements, weather, sound effects, new dialogue, etc. It genuinely looks stunning.

exputers129d ago

If MS Flight Simulator 2020 is without mods on Xbox, I'm not sure it'll do well

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BattleCat130d ago

Spencer the world healer! And youtubers get also money for streaming games, thx spenci.

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